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Experiments with 10 minute block

The fabric may be a bit ‘off’ but to experiment with they are ideal – left overs from other projects.  I have taken to basic principle of the 10 minute quilt and played with size.  I have found that the centre on-point block can be nearly as big as the finished 4 patch square.  It needs to be at least 1/2” smaller otherwise the points of the centre on-point square will be caught in the seams when the 4 patch is joined to another 4 patch.  The edges of the on-point square can be rolled to make faux cathedral windows with or without a further addition to the centre or just left as an on-point square.  The rolling of the edges also creates an illusion of curved seams without the stitching of curves.  The only proviso I would make at this point is not to go too small with the centre on-point square as this would make the manipulation that is required to make the block ‘work’ very difficult, but there is still plenty of room in this technique for more experimentation.  What if…………….. the square became a rectangle, a circle – I will have to have another ‘play’.

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