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Three new books to read/review

Just arrived three new books for me to read and review.  First to arrive was Artistic Photo Quilts by Charlotte Ziebarth, followed by Piecing with Pixels by Sandra Hart and Gudny Campbell and finally Digital Textile Design by Melanie Bowles and Ceri Isaac.  Perhaps it is a good thing the sewing machine is seriously ill.  I recently received a copy of Print & Pattern by Bowie Style, this is an excellent reference book for those interested in surface design; for more on print and pattern visit  These should keep me going for a while, well until the sewing machine is fixed, what was that I was saying about a duster and a vacuum cleaner?

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My beloved sewing machine has broken!

My beloved Pfaff sewing machine is not well, the pressure bar is not doing its job i.e. no pressure is being exerted on the sewing foot.  I called Pfaff customer service in Redditch their attitude left an awful lot to be desired, their help non existent.  As it is enclosed within the casing it is a part not serviceable by the user!  I like to be in control, I have serviced many machine both sewing and knitting in the past, but I am not allowed to have a look at this one as the manuals are ‘only available to our dealers via a password protected site’.  Ok but my machine is very old, the attitude was tough, you still can’t do it yourself!  Be warned if like me you can do it yourself those in charge will make it very hard for you to do so.   

Last time I had a problem with it it cost me a new machine as a stand in whilst this one was being mended, that machine has gone to college with my daughter.  What am I to do, all the dealers are not answering their ‘phones – I feel as if my arm has been cut off.  I now feel forced into tidying and cleaning my sewing area and what should be our dining room.  What is it that a duster does, how does that thing in the corner work, what’s it called again? Ah a vacuum cleaner.

I have just had another look at accessing the non user serviceable parts and I have found a couple of screws – mmmm I think they will be coming out after lunch!