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Look What I’ve Found!

Whilst I was having a clear out the other day in my room, I came across three quilt tops in various stages of completion.

Pink_Green Quilt top Oct 2011 1Pink_Green Quilt top Oct 2011

This pink and green one was made as an experiment, using some fat quarters I had, at least three years ago.  It is layered up ready for quilting but will need a good press before that happens.  Actually I really like it although it is a bit small, bigger than a cot quilt but smaller than a single bed quilt, I expect a little girl could make really good use of it though.  Hmmmmm I wonder who?


Green Quilt top Oct 2011 1Green Quilt top Oct 2011

I bought this fabric with my big son in mind.  He’s a horticulturalist so green features big time in his life but he would not entertain floras on his bed!  This fabric has a time theme about it.  There’s a way to go with this one as the top is not even finished yet (I have found all the ‘bits’ and the spare fabric), a Christmas present maybe, as he doesn’t know I am making it and even if he did he would never think it was for him.  How will I finish it off?  How big will I make it?  How many borders can I add?  Can I hide some flora fabric in there somewhere?  I’ll have to have a thinking session, perhaps I’ll pin it up for a while to just look at it and consider.


Blue Quilt top Oct 2011 2Blue Quilt top Oct 2011

Another one made from some fat quarters I had.  I am not sure why I put those applique circles on the border, they’ll be coming off before I go much further.  I did think about finishing this off for my big son but it has too many flora fabrics in for him to tolerate!  It still needs layering up, quilting and binding.  Another one to watch this space for.

Any thoughts on these unfinished tops will be much appreciated.

I am off now to enjoy the beautifully sunny autumn day we have here in Birmingham, it is cold though.