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Kaffe Fassett workshop quilt

I thought you might like an update on the quilt I started during a workshop at the Festival of Quilts back in August.  I have started work on the sashing. Originally, I had intended to fuse the on-point squares to the striped fabric but decided to piece them instead, a slow process!  I have enough fabric to enlarge the starter quilt or even make two smaller ones.  I really don’t know which way I’ll take this yet.

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DD’s Quilt is FINISHED

Hurray, DD’s quilt is finished!  Actually it has been finished for several days and it has now also been washed to give it that worn crinkly effect I like.  It proved to be more hard work than I anticipated as my hands and shoulders were in pain.  I have been banned by DH from doing anything crafty for a few weeks to try to make them better but I think it’s a sign of age, sadly.  I am so bored I might, and I stress the might, have to do some cleaning!  On second thoughts, no.  When DH is out what he doesn’t know won’t hurt him.

I am happy with DD’s quilt although you mustn’t look too closely at the quilting.  She hasn’t seen it yet as she is still working out in France but she comes home this coming Saturday, Yippee, can’t wait.  Then a week later returns to Cambridge to start her second year at university there.  I do miss her.

DD's quilt front


DD's quilt quiltingDD's quilt quilting 2


DD's quilt back


To wash or not to wash that is the question

Do you wash your fabrics prior to using them in patchwork/quilting projects?

I didn’t.  Then someone told me I should, I didn’t know why, that wasn’t explained to me.  Now I know but do I bother to wash before I use the fabric – no, it’s too much hassle, I have never had a fabric bleed colour on me yet, nor have I have a shrinkage problem.  I suppose there’s is always a first time but I’m happy to take that risk, are you?   Please let me know your thoughts on to wash or not to wash.

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More from the Festival of Quilts 2011

I have now had time to down load the photo’s of the quilts at the Festival of Quilts last weekend.  Below are just a few of those I took.

FoQ 2011-1

Made by Jane Appelbee from Milltimer(?) called ‘Turbulance’.  The inspiration for the piece came from ‘Fast flowing streams,twinkling in the sun, the sound of rippled water and my love of curves!’  Includes :- Cotton, Artic wool, recycled plastic and boning inclusions. Machine stitched.  Angelina, beading, Markel. Hand-dyed.

FoQ 2011-2 By Helen Hay from Aberdeen entitled ‘Barcelona Bonanza’ .  The inspiration came from ‘Antoni Gaudi’s work in Barcelona left a lasting impression on me.  I wanted to make a small tribute’.  Includes:- All machine stitched.  Mostly machine appliquéd using Gloria Loughman technique.  The rest applied to that and machine embroidered.

FoQ 2011-3

Sadly I didn’t get the name or artist statement for this one.

FoQ 2011-4

Once again my powers of observation and recording let me down as I don’t know the name of the maker.

FoQ 2011-5

Again I failed to record the maker. Sorry.

FoQ 2011-6

As the last three sadly I didn’t record the name of the maker. If you know any of the names and or titles of the pieces above please could you let me know so I can give credit where it is due. Thanks for your help with this.

FoQ 2011-7

Gillian Travis of Ripponden made the ‘Impressions of Romania Hanging on a Line’.  Paint, print and applique with machine stitch. Inspiration:- Rugs hanging on washing lines in Northern Romania.

FoQ 2011-9

Janet van der Colff of Keyworth.  “Curvy Doodle” Machine pieced using freezer paper pattern, free motion quilted.  Inspiratio:- I have always doodled in meetings, watching tv, etc and thought I would use one to make a quilt.

FoQ 2011-10

Catherine Lawes from Marlborough New Zealand. ‘“Wai Nag Awa” – River of Many Channels’.  Batiks and other cottons, free cut and pieced on cotton wadding.  Machine stitched.  Inspiration:- Wairau River, Marlborough, NZ meanders past a series of vineyards and fields on the plain blue hued richmond ranges to North.

FoQ 2011-11

I am hoping that I have the right makers name and details Yvonne Potter, Okehampton “Echo Deco”.  Strip piecing, stained glass applique, curved seams and foundation piecing with echo and outline machine quilting.  Inspiration:- Echoes of the art deco period, strong lines, stepped pediments and curves widely used in architecture and interiors so inspiring.

FoQ 2011-8

And lastly Kate Dowty of Bridport made “Rape Fields”.  Painted, dyed and some commercial fabrics, heavily machine stitched, with additional embellishments.  Inspiration:- The colours of spring when the fields turn all shades of green interspersed with the vibrant yellow of oilseed rape.

I hope I have given credit where credit is due, if not please let me know and I’ll rectify any errors.  All artist statements taken from the Competition Catalogue of The Festival of Quilts 2011 published by twisted thread. organizers of the festival.  Roll on 2012.

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A bit of a disappointment


My daughter and I visited the Festival of Quilts on Thursday, all very enjoyable, spent far too much money, saw lots of really lovely quilts but unfortunately nothing jumped out to inspire either of us and we where not alone, as a friend of mine visited yesterday and called me on her return with the same thoughts. 

I did want to buy a new sewing machine but the machine suppliers left me feeling flat so I will wait awhile and do some more research.

We did see and have added to our wish lists a very reasonably priced quilting frame by  Marysiasquilts ( a company based in Herefordshire.

As always Oliver Twists enjoyed receiving vast amounts of money from both of us, as did a new company to us called The Crazy Wire Company ( 

I managed to find some fabric for some placemats I am going to be making for Christmas presents.

Other than the above moans and accolades both of us had a good day enjoying the banter between ourselves, other quilters and the traders, which I suppose is the main reason why we go to these exhibitions along with research; returning home with sore feet and backs and considerably poorer.