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A bit of a disappointment


My daughter and I visited the Festival of Quilts on Thursday, all very enjoyable, spent far too much money, saw lots of really lovely quilts but unfortunately nothing jumped out to inspire either of us and we where not alone, as a friend of mine visited yesterday and called me on her return with the same thoughts. 

I did want to buy a new sewing machine but the machine suppliers left me feeling flat so I will wait awhile and do some more research.

We did see and have added to our wish lists a very reasonably priced quilting frame by  Marysiasquilts ( a company based in Herefordshire.

As always Oliver Twists enjoyed receiving vast amounts of money from both of us, as did a new company to us called The Crazy Wire Company ( 

I managed to find some fabric for some placemats I am going to be making for Christmas presents.

Other than the above moans and accolades both of us had a good day enjoying the banter between ourselves, other quilters and the traders, which I suppose is the main reason why we go to these exhibitions along with research; returning home with sore feet and backs and considerably poorer.