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The abundance of flowers all of a sudden

The plants in our garden have suddenly burst into flower; at the weekend the lupins where just small promises of the delights to come, today the flowers spikes are magnificent.   There are many more to come in purple, orange, yellow and salmon pink.DSCF0880 The flag iris has been baking nicely in the hot dry weather and has thrown up a gorgeous purple flower, as it is a new plant it has exceed expectations.  Sadly this plant has just the one flower spike this year but next year we should have many more.DSCF0851The other iris, a beautiful bronze, has yet to flower but as it is a much older plant promises much with the numerous spikes that come with age.

The oriental poppies are a mass of buds just ready to burst into flower, we have several different colours from bright red to white all just waiting – another few days and they will be open, it is a shame that they don’t last very long.