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Another Quilt Find

Having the house turned upside down over the last month or so (feels like much longer), and being almost housebound waiting around for people, has given me an opportunity to go through things, chucking stuff away and rediscover other interesting items – see photos.

I unearthed this beauty at the weekend and found the fabric I need to finish the top.  I have to cut some more paper squares as well as the fabric then all it will need is layering up, quilting and binding, when I say all it involves all the yukky bits like crawling around on the floor layering the thing up and the hand basting ready for quilting but I may give spray basting a go if the weather gets a bit better and I can get outside.  Sadly this won’t happen until the dining room is fully repaired as I don’t have access to my sewing machine for the quilting until then but I can do the rest.

This quilt was started many years ago, it must be at least 10, supposedly to go on the wall at the back of our bed in the, then newly created, loft conversion.  The wall is still bare and waiting!

I chose the Carpenter’s Wheel as it is one of my most favourite blocks and can be grown outwards as large as is needed.  I originally used some fat quarters I had but obviously have added to these.  Thank goodness for John Lewis who had a stock of the pansy fabric long after the Cotton patch had sold out!

It is, what the American’s call English piecing, but it is just paper piecing really.  I thoroughly enjoyed cutting these out, attaching the paper templates and the hand sewing; all very relaxing and something for in front of the TV.  I have still left all of the papers in and they will remain until the top is finished.

I think I will machine quilt it but I have yet to decide how – any suggestions will be gratefully received.

It measures 82” x 82” so far without any borders – the biggest quilt I have ever made.

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Paper Piecing

Paper piecing is something I have not tried before and was quite surprized at just how easy it is to do.  With the method I used there is no cutting of shapes just strips and away you go.  Below are the first two blocks I have made, the fabric was bought for me by my little son as a Christmas present – he also bought a piece with cartoon whales on it but I don’t quite know how I will use those yet.

paper piecing 08022012 

I have very nearly matched all the points too!  I have to go to the shops now to buy some more of these fabrics so I can make a larger quilt, perhaps I could use his whales in the border, we’ll have to wait and see.

I feel much better having now achieved something creative rather than writing assignments as they don’t feel like achievements somehow.