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Charity Mug Rugs

Since my last posting I have made in excess of 30 mug rugs for charity.  Some of which have been delivered already and will be sold next week at Myton Hospice Christmas Fair in Warwick.


The others are in various stages of completion (they will all be finished off this afternoon) and will be put ready for DH to sell in aid of her degree show, unless something else deserving comes up in the mean time.

Once I have cleared the decks of the ‘stuff’ needed for these and all the associated scraps of fabric, batting etc., it will be time to start a new project.  I have several in mind including quilted silhouettes and a couple of art quilts.  These are all to be finished before Christmas along with an embroidery, the design of which is secreted in my head but needs to be drawn out on paper – another job for this afternoon?  No perhaps I will just do the remaining hand stitching on the mug rugs whilst I suffer in silence (yet again I have lost my voice) with my very sore throat and horrid cough, my ears hurt too.  Thanks to those who are kind enough to pass on their colds and share their germs around.  Enough self pity – I have a new sewing machine arriving in the next couple of days so I will need to be fit and well, with a cleared sewing table ready for that, I can’t wait, it has been a long time in coming.  I have bought it to replace the one I have used nearly everyday for the last 20 years, it’s about time it enjoyed its retirement although it will be still around as a back for when the new one is in for its service.

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Mug Rugs

I haven’t been idle these past few days, sadly I have had to do some cleaning!  I have managed to clear a whole load of Cloth, Paper, Scissors and Quilting Arts, Selvedge, Fabrications and Stitch magazines, along with several copies of British Patchwork and Quilting. I have rearranged my book shelves and discovered that I have two copies of one or two books (they’ll make someone nice Christmas presents).  The charity shop is due to have a visit so I can off load some unused toys, out grown clothes and shoes from the DD’s collection (I do have permission).

Below are just three of the mug rugs I have made over the last few days ready for Myton Hospice a charity in Warwick which looked after my step father during his last few weeks.  I hope to make them several things in the very near future.

mug rug 1mug rug 2mug rug 3

The last one I hand stitched as I find the process very relaxing and use it as stress relief, just sitting quietly hand sewing.  As you can tell they all need quilting and binding before they are finished but that is for tomorrow or next week, I have nine to do all together, all very similar.