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The Lily Pad

Whilst I have been frantically knitting jumpers for my trip to America I have finally been able to get on with some creative fabric work.  I designed this pattern some while ago but with the leak under the floor have only just been able to work further on it.

Lily Pad 2603

I have yet to decide whether I will change the background, leave it as it is or just change the alternate background corners.

I have chosen to work with the raw edge fusing technique, which I will stitch down using a straight stitch in a colour to highlight the pieces along with background quilting.  Whether this will be a one block piece or not has yet to be worked out.  I may scale it up to about an 24” square, currently it is 14” square.  Sadly the photo doesn’t show the colours very well.


A question for all knitters and would be knitters.

Do any of you out there in the ether think that a knitting shop, that not only offers on trend knitting patterns, yarn and all the appropriate embellishments, but also provides a space to learn with workshops, classes etc.; a relaxing environment to just sit and knit over a cup of coffee/tea and a slice of cake, operating hours outside those of ‘normal’ shop hours; would be a good idea in the south east of Birmingham?


Contemporary Patchwork Runner and Knitting Sample

I have been working on a new runner based on one I had seen in a magazine (which one I can’t remember- sorry).  The fabrics, from a collection by Sherrill Khan, have been in my stash for several years.  I wish we, in the UK, had better access to fabrics like these I am sick and tired of the traditional fare we keep being fed, to such an extent I have started to import some contemporary fabrics for my own use, along with dyeing and designing my own.  Ok moan over!

runner 1

As you can tell it’s not the best of photos – as it is so long I have taken sectional pictures and merged them together, needs perfecting I know.

I am taking myself off to the US next May to a Quilt exhibition.  I am going with an empty case so I can bring back loads of fabric.  I may well send some back via post too depending on what I see.

I have also been knitting samples for a tunic jumper which I really hope to get around to making.

knitting sample cables

The sample shows the two cable patterns I intend to use, the tension has yet to be decided on.  The drawing, not the best, gives an idea of how the tunic will look.


tunic design

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I was commissioned by my little son to knit him a hat over this weeks half term holiday.  It’s now Thursday evening and this is how far I have got!


Hat in progress

To be fair, we have been away for two days, I started on Sunday evening and I am a really slow knitter – in my mind it should be finished by now.  The pattern is very easy – cast on an uneven number of stitches in multiples of 4 plus 3.  For example 83. Every row is knit 2, purl 2 to the last 3 stitches knit purl 1.  This should produce a ribbed moss stitch.




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It Pays to Buy in the Summer!

I bought these yarns back in the summer when they were in a sale at less than half price.

yarn 1yarn 2


I have 20 balls of each colour but I am using one ball from each pack to experiment with to find the tension I want and the stitch pattern I will use.  I am not a very fast knitter by hand but put me in front of my knitting machine and well I can produce loads in a day.  Unfortunately that is the easy part, the work comes before and after production.  I HATE sewing things up and never unless I really have to sew buttons on to things, I try to convince somebody else to do it.

sample 1

Above is the first sample I have been working on.  As it is still a work in progress I haven’t blocked it yet so the edges are curling up.  I think I will need to use a larger needle to cast on with to help prevent this, or a type of picot edge perhaps.  As I say a slow work in progress but I do intend to actually finish this at some point whether it be a jumper, tunic, wrap or cardigan – I know some type of combination!  We’ll see.