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Background Quilt

As promised here is the image of the background quilt I made on Saturday.  It is ready for the addition of some 3D free shape applique (which I have yet to finish).  The fabrics were purchased a while ago with the intension of making a table runner but they have been used for samples for other items.

I spent most of Friday looking through my bit bag throwing out small pieces that I thought would be of no use ever, only to retrieve them all on Saturday afternoon once I realised I could use even the tiniest bit for backgrounds.  Moral – Do Not Throw Anything Out.  Will I ever get a tidy house?

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Embroiderers’ Guild Saturday Workshop

I have just come back from an interesting workshop run by Annette Morgan arranged by the Solihull branch of the Embroiderers’ Guild.  Pictures will follow once I have finished the piece.  The workshop was called 3D free shape applique, the idea was to create a small wall hanging incorporating 3D applique.

The first item was to construct the background and quilt it, we were shown how to do this very quick method which had us all running to the irons before silence (or near as could be with our group) descended as we set to to create some wonderful, very colourful backgrounds for our free shape appliques.  This technique is so quick and easy I will definitely be using it again and very soon too.

After lunch we proceeded to produce a variety of free shapes, we had been given a pattern to follow, some of us chose to go off course and do our own thing but using the technique.  All produced something different as one would expect as everyone’s colour,  fabric and arrangement choices are bound to be ones own tastes.  Being spontaneous has its merits in that things are not over thought which in itself can produce very dynamic and unexpected pieces of work.

As you can see I have included a link to Annette’s website should you like to visit to view her work.

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I think I’m back…….

Having been feeling under the weather for several weeks following my migraine, I think, I am final back. Whilst I have been off line I have completed another City &Guilds assessment piece(pictures to follow), helped out at the Solihull Embroiderers’ Guild week in a shop(!), visited both Nottingham and Cambridge, missed the Embroiderers’ Guild sale, an EG meeting and started knitting again. Sadly I have also been thinking about Christmas presents, I think this year they will have to be home/hand made which won’t go down too well with my sister or mother but hey-ho that’s their problem not mine, they can always give the gift to the charity shop or pass it off as their own work and give it to someone else. But what to make? what do people want? My nephew is off around the world of a year starting in January, will he need a scarf or swimming trunks (ahh, the sag of those knitted garments!). My niece is studying forensic science so gloves again or a face mask? My eldest son requires some new slippers, a sat nav, a new cricket bat( I wonder, would he go with one made from fabric?) My daughter is easy she already has a scarf and mittens that I have knitted, she now needs the hat and leg warmers. My little son, hmmm, he wants a mobile ‘phone, ahh I know a ‘phone cover. My husband, would a knitted tie be okay? My sister, mother, mother-in-law and friends had placemats for their presents last year, so what to do this year? I could make my sister, mum and in law little trinket boxes; as for our friends they have asked for some mats to fit inside some trays they have, along with a cake and pudding. I might perhaps make the neighbours small tray type boxes filled with sweets or mince pies. Have I forgotten anyone?

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Embroiderer’s Guild @ Touchwood Solihull

Don’t forget the embroiderer’s guild Solihull branch will be in Touchwood Solihull for a week commencing Monday 18th October.  Demonstrating, showing work and explaining what we are all about.

Please join us anytime for a chat and to have a look at the work of our members.


Embroiderers’ Guild Solihull

From Monday 18th October, for a week the Solihull branch of the Embroiderers’ Guild has a ‘shop’ within the Touchwood shopping centre.  We shall be demonstrating and explaining what we do to anyone who wishes to know.  We look forward to seeing you there.  My stint is on Monday 18th between 12 and 2pm.