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Creative Week 33

This weeks quilt idea Hidden Depths. This design is based on the fret work on the windows of many of the hotels in Singapore, as many of the buildings there seem to have a space around them between the exterior and the interior, presumably this is done to help with the heat.  Very Art Deco ish.

Hidden Depths Quilt

This quilt measures approximately 60″ by 60″, of course, it could be made large with the addition of more blocks or adding borders.  The fabric requirements would be need to be added to.  This block would also make a great cushion cover by increasing the size of the block, adding borders and/or flanges.  The black bars give the appearance of receding whilst the orange come forward, but it could just be my eyesight – I am writing this without my glasses on!

Follow the links for the rotary cutting info – Hidden Depths rotary cutting info per block.  The block diagram – Hidden Depths Block. The fabric requirements in yards – Hidden depths fabric requirements (yards)

This version highlights the use of  Art Gallery Fabrics range Oval Elements and gives an impression of being woven.

Scrappy Hidden depths

Again it is approximately 60″ square.  The fabric measurements needed can be found here – Scrappy Hidden Depths Fabric requirements (yards)


This time I have added an applique version

Applique Scrappy Hidden Depths

This could be done in any number of ways, for example using the patterned fabric as the background with fuseable bias tape for the bars, or by cutting and fusing, then stitching the patterned fabric to the white background fabric.  There are of course other ways of doing applique work.   I have had in mind fusing the patterned fabric to the background then stitching around each piece, this again throws up a number of ways to carry out the task, using a fuseable web to the entire back of each piece or add just a strip of web to the the centre, then making sure the edges are thoroughly stitched in place to prevent fraying; or just stitching around each shape slightly in from the edge to encourage fraying.  Then of course there is the choice of which stitch to use – oh the possibilities.


Quilt Show Reminder

26th – 29th

Creative Stitches/Hobbycraft



Enjoy. Until next week, thank you for visiting. x




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Creative Week 5

1st scrap block quilted

The first of the 16 scrap blocks for my scrap quilt, each block is 14.5″ square. I will be using a quilt as you go method, joining the blocks once the quilting is done, each will have a different backing which I intend to use as sashing by bringing the backing to the front, folding it to look like binding and hand stitching in place. I’ll take photos as the process sounds harder than it is. I learnt how to do this when I was at the HMQS in Utah last May.

I have also been working on an easy quilt to share.

Designed in EQ7.

Designed in EQ7.

easy 1 block

Click on the following link for the quilt layout easy 1 layout and this for the first block cutting info easy 1 block 1 rotary cutting info and the second block cutting instructionseasy 1 block 2 rotary cutting info

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No posts for a while but..

Sorry, I haven’t been to well in the past few days hence the lack of posts. Hopefully normal service will resume very soon.

Whilst I have been away the Computer Textiles Design Group, of which I am a member, have mentioned in their most recent edition of their member magazine the article I wrote for Popular Patchwork, published back in August.  If you have come to my blog via there website, you are very welcome, please feel free to get in touch.

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Friday’s Digital Art


The blue image below is something slightly different today; this image is a piece of fabric I have designed for a textile project.  The starting point was a photo taken at Birmingham Botanical Gardens last Sunday, this image is also below.

something slightly different Friday 11062010

Friday 11062010 starting point

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Three new books to read/review

Just arrived three new books for me to read and review.  First to arrive was Artistic Photo Quilts by Charlotte Ziebarth, followed by Piecing with Pixels by Sandra Hart and Gudny Campbell and finally Digital Textile Design by Melanie Bowles and Ceri Isaac.  Perhaps it is a good thing the sewing machine is seriously ill.  I recently received a copy of Print & Pattern by Bowie Style, this is an excellent reference book for those interested in surface design; for more on print and pattern visit  These should keep me going for a while, well until the sewing machine is fixed, what was that I was saying about a duster and a vacuum cleaner?