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Creative Week 34

There is a definite chill to the air now here in the UK.  Although the sun has been out all day today we have had a steady breeze, it has ensured the temperature has been held down.  I did manage to take a few photos of the very last of the flowers before the rain starts again.

dahlia 1 dahlia 2

The dahlias are still in flower but come the first frost they will be gone.

My last 3 roses

My last three roses for this year.

my last strawberry

My last strawberry!

drooping sunflower

The head of this sunflower is so heavy it has made the whole thing droop.

the one still to come

We do still have this one to come.


Still in full flower, as are

The last of the nasturstions

and so are the sedums


You know when you wake up sometimes there is a remembered thought whether it be from a dream or something else, well last night was very restless and when I woke all I kept seeing/remembering was this little devil…..

One of the little devils that started it all

Obviously it wanted me to do something, but other than plant it out I could only think to try to recreate it in a quilt somehow.  Here are my drawings……

Basic sketch

         The basic sketch, which then moved on to ……

Block drawing

which then became this ……


which got put into this quilt diagram…

That pansy that kept me awake pieced quilt

Then I moved on to looking in the EQ7 block section for their rendition of a pansy, I found 2, one pieced and one a motif.

EQ7 pieced pansy

EQ7 applique pansy

from these I came up with these……..

That pansy that kept me awake EQ7 block quilt

and this …….

That pansy that kept me awake applique quilt

I drew the bee, my little son chose the colours.

The bee…

the bee

This last one is this weeks quilt idea – The Pansy that kept me awake.

It measures 27″ square approximately and is ideal for a table topper.  It needs fabric in the following amounts

  • Background – blue a 24.5″ square
  • yellow 3/8ths of a yard
  • pale mauve 1/8th yard
  • dark mauve 1/2 yard
  • black 1/8th yard
  • very pale beige 1/8th yard

The inner border cut from yellow need 2 pieces for the top and bottom 25.5 ” by 1″ and for the left and right 24.5″ by 1″.  The outer border, in dark mauve for top and bottom 27.5″ by 1.5″ and the left and right 25.5″ by 1.5″

A piece of batting and a backing fabric, both 29″ square.  Binding approx 130″ by 2.5″ wide.

Here are the links for the templates,

the large pansy:- Pansy that kept me awake templates flower

the small pansy:- Pansy that kept me awake templates flower small

the bee:- Pansy that kept me awake templates bee

the placement diagram:- quilt layout for the pansy that kept me awake table topper

Talking of table toppers, little son is off to Germany soon to stay with a family who’s son stayed with us in May.  So, I thought I would send a present for his mother over with my son.

Table topper

The pattern (yes I know I don’t usually follow commercial patterns but…) is from Patrick Lose’s website as part of his Party with Patrick scheme.

The close up….

table topper detail

This turned out to be a very, very quick project and I have not only finished this one but made (and finished) another ready for the Myton Hospice Christmas Fair.

This week I have also gone through my knitting yarns, gathering all the leftovers from projects and have found enough of one to make a cardigan, again as a gift so I don’t have to spend anymore money buying yarn at the moment.  I did find some that will be sold very soon as I don’t need/like/want it anymore, that will happen soon when I can get DD to upload it to Ebay for me.

That’s all for this week, thanks for visiting. X


Creative Week 23

And the fine, hot weather continues.  After all the rain we had last year and during the beginning of this year our water company has now issued a warning for people to conserve water!  We have only had about 2 weeks of good weather – are they mad?


Oh well, at least the flowers are thriving.  I need to get out there and dead head the roses, the lupins and the tree peony – later.

This last week I have been working on bags.  I needed a bag for traveling on planes, that was big enough to carry my tablet computer, my ipod, my camera, all the travel documents, my knitting, my purse, keys and all the kids stuff too, so I made one and a couple (so far) of attachable inner bags.

Bag 1

Tablet bag

Travel Documents bag

Just a few more inner bags to go, then I’m done.  I am attaching D rings to the inside of the main bag to clip the smaller bags to so I don’t loose anything, well to try not to anyway.  The outer bag is so big I need all these inner bags to keep track of everything.  They can be taken out as necessary whilst we are traveling.

This weeks quilt idea -: Sends Your Eyes Funny 2

Sends your eyes funny 2

Follow the links for the rotary cutting info-: Block Corner triangles Setting triangles inner border sides inner border top and bottom outer border sides outer border top and bottom and the fabric requirements-: Fabric requirements  The quilt measures approximately 80″ by 91″ but can be made smaller or larger just by adding more blocks, you will, of course, need less fabric or more depending on size.

Here is another version of this quilt which still makes my eyes go funny!

Sends your eyes funny!

All made with one block

Block drawing

that is turned to create the pattern, although the second quilt idea is set horizontally whereas the first one was set on point, both make my eyes hurt.

Enjoy your week, thanks for visiting. x

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Creative Week 22

Now we have good weather (finally) in the UK it is good to see a line full of clean laundry drying in the sun.

Nothing like a line full of clean washing

This line is now even longer as I have to take every opportunity I can to get the laundry dry in the fine weather.  Nothing smells as fresh as line dried clothing.

Since last time I have cut up all the halloween fabric and constructed the quilt top, as per usual it is waiting for layering up and quilting, but this will have to wait until things cool down a bit.  Oh and it needs to have its lime green borders added.

Halloween Quilt top

This weeks quilt idea is Floral Squares.  The quilt idea uses just one block set on point and turned to create the pattern.  The size for this one is 85.5″ by 102.5″ approximately.

Floral Squares Quilt

The block

The block

Block sketch of block

Please click the following links for all the info-: Rotary cutting – Rotary Cutting info, Fabric requirements in yards – Fabric requirements

Until next time, thank you for visiting. x

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The Garden is just about to burst!

Whilst I’ve been away the much needed rain has delivered its benefit to my garden.  The plants all look healthy, except the slugs have been busy on my Canterbury bells (Campanula).  the oriental poppies are slow to flower this year but there is plenty of promise from the self seeded nasturtiums and of course the strawberries – yum!

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Festival of Quilts 2011- Kaffe Fassett Workshop

The above photo’s are of some of the quilt tops produced during the workshop I attended at the Festival of Quilts on Saturday.

Many thanks to Miss Road-Kill(Donna), Miss Doll’s House(Jane from Torbay),Miss Blue and Yellow (Pam), Miss Thinker(Jane from Australia), Elaine and Olivia(from France now of Leicester), without you all the day wouldn’t have been the same and those of you with additional names will understand.  I am sure we had more fun and laughed much more than we were supposed too, but hey-ho we did manage to get the work done regardless.  I must also thank Brandon for turning the fabric over to mute the colour.

Large floral prints or floral prints in general are never my thing; to go this far then decide to step even further from my comfort zone by using a pastel colourway as well was a big move for me.  I usually go for bright zingy, or bright jewel colours, I have never worked with such muted, pastel colours although I have included a bright orange based print, a bright lime green batik and a darker red patterned fabric.  I am surprised at how pleased I am with the whole effect even down to the pastel striped fabric I have chosen for the sashing background.  I have also not used a design wall before usually relying on the floor or table to try to see what is going on.  The construction of a design wall will be on my to do list, at the very top this week.  I regularly change the blade in my rotary cutter and am surprised at how infrequently others change theirs and it was a joy to help Elaine change her blade and vicariously enjoy the pleasure she gleaned once she had started cutting with the new blade, no drag, no need for added pressure thus reducing stress to her wrist; she has agreed to change her blade more often now.

See you all next year, perhaps we will include something a bit stronger than double espresso coffee – no on second thoughts maybe not!

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My garden before the rain.

My son tidied the garden yesterday, planted up pots and hanging baskets, cut the lawn, clipped the edges and watered before the rain came.  It looked wonderful but this morning the rain had flattened the pink lupins and the red oriental poppies.

We still have plenty of plants left, although there are two more hanging baskets to make up and the front garden needs planting up.

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City & Guilds Patchwork and Quilting Final Assessment

The above photos are from my City & Guilds in Patchwork and Quilting level 3.  The assessment requires that I design a quilt, wall hanging, container or an accessory from a design source of my choice, using any techniques and materials that are appropriate.

I had decided to make another wall hanging with a traditional feel to it, with that in mind I chose my starting point; the window tracery from the Park View Square building in Singapore, from there I moved on to looking at the lead lights in the windows at Mont St Michel in France.  I created patchwork blocks from some of these window patterns and possible quilting patterns from others.  Working with my design programme EQ7 I took these patchwork blocks and arranged and re-arranged  them within a long narrow quilt shape, which reflects the shape of the windows in Mont St Michel.  The dimensions for my wall hanging are 21” by 60”, the space I have to hang this quilt is next to a stained glass/leaded light arched window on the stairs of my home.

I had intended to dye the fabric myself but have to re think this as I have a bad dose of bronchitis at the moment (again!)  The colours for the fabrics have come from one of my flower photos which I have manipulated in Kaleidoscope Kreator 3 and Photoshop elements.

Now to set to and complete the project – I have set myself the a time frame of the end of May to have the hanging finished and up on the wall, I’ll let you know how I get on.

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City & Guilds Patchwork and Quilting – Final Assessment Piece

Remember my digital art from last year?  Well it is still an on going activity; I am thinking of using some of these manipulated photos in my final assessment piece, I have printed them onto fabric so I know it is feasible and they look good.  As usual time is my problem I have to have this done by the end of May, so it won’t be very big, although the making doesn’t take long, working through the design process seems to take me ages; then choosing the final one is very difficult perhaps I need to make a series.

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Images for the week ending today 21st August

If you would like to see all the images I have posted this week in one place, please scroll down to pages in the left hand column and click on images up to 21st August within the Digital Art pages.  Please continue to let me know what you think my email link is still down so you will, I am sorry to say, still have to cut and paste my contact details into your email software.  Thank you for your visit.