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Creative Week 39

This week little son has been off school for half term, so we have been out and about or watching films wrapped up in the warm, when the weather has been horrible.

On Tuesday we had a trip into Solihull to buy some Christmas presents – yes I know it’s a bit early but it is the only time we have to buy his fathers present without his dad being around.

On Wednesday we had a trip to Baddesley Clinton, which we have not visited before even though it is only down the road from where we live.

Photo from

Baddelsey Clinton is a moated manor house and well worth a visit.

The Great Hall at Baddesley Clinton

Photo from

We also visited Hatton Country World before coming back to Baddesley Clinton.  Little son has grown out of wanting to visit the farm so just enjoyed the shops, especially the old fashioned sweet shop.  He also got some more ideas for Christmas presents for his brother and sister!  We will be going back in a couple of weeks for their Christmas craft fair.

So to this weeks quilt idea;- One Block, Secondary Patterns I know not a very good name but that describes what it is.

The Block

one block secondary patterns block

The Quilt

one block secondary patterns 6

The above measures 54″ by 72″, obviously this can be made larger or smaller as required, with or without borders.  The block size is 18″ so only 12 blocks are needed for this layout.

Follow this link for the fabric requirements;-  one block secondary patterns fabric yardage for No 6

The rotary cutting info;- one block secondary patterns rotary cutting info for No 6

I played with this block (and could continue to play around with it)

one block secondary patterns 5

one block secondary patterns OP 4

The above quilt measures approximately 73″ square, this time the 18″ block is set on point.

The fabric requirements are here;-

one block secondary patterns Fabric requirements for OP 4.JPG

The rotary cutting info is here;-

one block secondary patterns Rotary cutting info for OP 4.JPG

one block secondary patterns Rotary cutting info for setting triangles OP 4.JPG

The borders are as follows

Border 1 Top and bottom cut 2 1.5″ wide by 53 7/16″.  Left and right cut 2 1.5″ wide by 51 7/16″

Border 2 Top and bottom cut 2 2.5″ wide by 57 7/16″.  Left and right cut 2 2.5″ wide by 53 7/16″

Border 3 Top and bottom cut 2 1.5″ wide by 59 7/16″.  Left and right cut 2 1.5″ wide by 57 7/16″

Border 4 Top and bottom cut 2 2.5″ wide by 63 7/16″.  Left and right cut 2 2.5″ wide by 59 7/16″

Border 5 Top and bottom cut 2 1.5″ wide by 65 7/16″.  Left and right cut 2 1.5″ wide by 63 7/16″

Border 6 Top and bottom cut 2 4.5″ wide by 73 7/16″.  Left and right cut 2 4.5″ wide by 65 7/16″

one block secondary patterns OP 3

one block secondary patterns 2

one block secondary patterns 1

one block secondary patterns OP 8

one block secondary patterns OP 9

one block secondary patterns OP 7

And now before I return to playing with this block a show reminder.

7th – 10th November

Crafts for Christmas

NEC Birmingham

Until next week, thanks for visiting. x



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Creative Week 37

All I have to say this week is:- The weather is awful, wet, soggy, grey, miserable and depressing.

This weeks quilt idea:- Bring into focus  This quilt again uses Art Gallery Fabrics from the Pure Elements range and two studio designer ranges Poetica and Floressence.

Bring into focus

This quilt measures approximately 65.5″ by 82.5″

The quilt is made from two blocks a variation on each other.

bring into focus block 1

bring into focus block 2

Follow these link for Fabric Requirements:- Bring into focus Fabric Requirements in yards I have used Floressence FS-20021 Trellis Tulip for fabric 1; Poetica POE 801 Serenade Daylight for fabric 2, POE 808 Rhythmic Sky for fabric 3 and POE 803 Heartbeats Cool for fabric 5; and finally Pure Elements PE 433 Snow for fabric 4.

These links for the rotary cutting info for block 1:- bring into focus block 1 Rotary Cutting info, for block 2:- bring into focus block 2 Rotary Cutting Info and for block 2a:- bring into focus block 2a Rotary Cutting Info.

The borders are cut as follows:-

Border 1, sides, cut 2 1.5″ by 68 3/8″ and for the top and bottom 1.5″ by 53 7/16″

Border 2, sides cut 2 2.5″ by 70 3/8″ and for the top and bottom 2.5″ by 57 7/16″

Border 3, sides cut 2 4.5″ by 74 3/8″ and for the top and bottom 4.5″ by 65 7/16″

Quilt Show Reminders

24th – 27th

Crafts for Christmas


25th – 27th

Autumn Quilt Festival


My Starry Nights package finally arrived from the Missouri Star Quilt Co. last week so I hope to be working on those this week along with finishing off other bits and pieces which will brighten my day, offering relief from this dreary weather, bring on the sunny, frosty clear days.

So until next week, thanks for visiting. x


Creative Week 34

There is a definite chill to the air now here in the UK.  Although the sun has been out all day today we have had a steady breeze, it has ensured the temperature has been held down.  I did manage to take a few photos of the very last of the flowers before the rain starts again.

dahlia 1 dahlia 2

The dahlias are still in flower but come the first frost they will be gone.

My last 3 roses

My last three roses for this year.

my last strawberry

My last strawberry!

drooping sunflower

The head of this sunflower is so heavy it has made the whole thing droop.

the one still to come

We do still have this one to come.


Still in full flower, as are

The last of the nasturstions

and so are the sedums


You know when you wake up sometimes there is a remembered thought whether it be from a dream or something else, well last night was very restless and when I woke all I kept seeing/remembering was this little devil…..

One of the little devils that started it all

Obviously it wanted me to do something, but other than plant it out I could only think to try to recreate it in a quilt somehow.  Here are my drawings……

Basic sketch

         The basic sketch, which then moved on to ……

Block drawing

which then became this ……


which got put into this quilt diagram…

That pansy that kept me awake pieced quilt

Then I moved on to looking in the EQ7 block section for their rendition of a pansy, I found 2, one pieced and one a motif.

EQ7 pieced pansy

EQ7 applique pansy

from these I came up with these……..

That pansy that kept me awake EQ7 block quilt

and this …….

That pansy that kept me awake applique quilt

I drew the bee, my little son chose the colours.

The bee…

the bee

This last one is this weeks quilt idea – The Pansy that kept me awake.

It measures 27″ square approximately and is ideal for a table topper.  It needs fabric in the following amounts

  • Background – blue a 24.5″ square
  • yellow 3/8ths of a yard
  • pale mauve 1/8th yard
  • dark mauve 1/2 yard
  • black 1/8th yard
  • very pale beige 1/8th yard

The inner border cut from yellow need 2 pieces for the top and bottom 25.5 ” by 1″ and for the left and right 24.5″ by 1″.  The outer border, in dark mauve for top and bottom 27.5″ by 1.5″ and the left and right 25.5″ by 1.5″

A piece of batting and a backing fabric, both 29″ square.  Binding approx 130″ by 2.5″ wide.

Here are the links for the templates,

the large pansy:- Pansy that kept me awake templates flower

the small pansy:- Pansy that kept me awake templates flower small

the bee:- Pansy that kept me awake templates bee

the placement diagram:- quilt layout for the pansy that kept me awake table topper

Talking of table toppers, little son is off to Germany soon to stay with a family who’s son stayed with us in May.  So, I thought I would send a present for his mother over with my son.

Table topper

The pattern (yes I know I don’t usually follow commercial patterns but…) is from Patrick Lose’s website as part of his Party with Patrick scheme.

The close up….

table topper detail

This turned out to be a very, very quick project and I have not only finished this one but made (and finished) another ready for the Myton Hospice Christmas Fair.

This week I have also gone through my knitting yarns, gathering all the leftovers from projects and have found enough of one to make a cardigan, again as a gift so I don’t have to spend anymore money buying yarn at the moment.  I did find some that will be sold very soon as I don’t need/like/want it anymore, that will happen soon when I can get DD to upload it to Ebay for me.

That’s all for this week, thanks for visiting. X


Creative Week 33

This weeks quilt idea Hidden Depths. This design is based on the fret work on the windows of many of the hotels in Singapore, as many of the buildings there seem to have a space around them between the exterior and the interior, presumably this is done to help with the heat.  Very Art Deco ish.

Hidden Depths Quilt

This quilt measures approximately 60″ by 60″, of course, it could be made large with the addition of more blocks or adding borders.  The fabric requirements would be need to be added to.  This block would also make a great cushion cover by increasing the size of the block, adding borders and/or flanges.  The black bars give the appearance of receding whilst the orange come forward, but it could just be my eyesight – I am writing this without my glasses on!

Follow the links for the rotary cutting info – Hidden Depths rotary cutting info per block.  The block diagram – Hidden Depths Block. The fabric requirements in yards – Hidden depths fabric requirements (yards)

This version highlights the use of  Art Gallery Fabrics range Oval Elements and gives an impression of being woven.

Scrappy Hidden depths

Again it is approximately 60″ square.  The fabric measurements needed can be found here – Scrappy Hidden Depths Fabric requirements (yards)


This time I have added an applique version

Applique Scrappy Hidden Depths

This could be done in any number of ways, for example using the patterned fabric as the background with fuseable bias tape for the bars, or by cutting and fusing, then stitching the patterned fabric to the white background fabric.  There are of course other ways of doing applique work.   I have had in mind fusing the patterned fabric to the background then stitching around each piece, this again throws up a number of ways to carry out the task, using a fuseable web to the entire back of each piece or add just a strip of web to the the centre, then making sure the edges are thoroughly stitched in place to prevent fraying; or just stitching around each shape slightly in from the edge to encourage fraying.  Then of course there is the choice of which stitch to use – oh the possibilities.


Quilt Show Reminder

26th – 29th

Creative Stitches/Hobbycraft



Enjoy. Until next week, thank you for visiting. x





Creative Week 32

I have spent the weekend going through all my UFO’s sadly there are very many of them, so I have made a decision (I think!) not to start anything new until at least half of these UFO’s are finished.  The intention is there, we’ll have to see how I hold up.

This weeks quilt idea is called Criss Cross. 

Criss Cross


Criss Cross Block

The block layout

This quilt measures 48″ square.

The following links are for

I then changed the colours to give a more autumnal look

Criss Cross 2a

This version measures 76″ square.

The fabric requirements are here (again in yards) Criss Cross 2 Fabric requirements

The addition of borders has enlarged the quilt.

The first border requires the fabric to be cut as follows;- for the left and right borders cut 2 borders 48 1/2″ by 2 1/2″ and for the top and bottom cut 2 pieces 52 1/2″ by 2 1/2″

The second border has 2 pieces cut at 52 1/2″ by 1 1/2″ for the left and right borders and 54 1/2″ by 1 1/2″ in cream fabric

The third border in gold the strips are all cut 4 1/2″ wide the left and right require a length of 54 1/2″ and the top and bottom need to be cut at 62 1/2″

The fourth border in cream is again cut at 1 1/2″ wide for the left and right borders the length is 62 1/2″ and the top and bottom 64 1/2″

The fifth and final border is 6 1/2″ wide and (for left and right) 64 1/2″ long and for the top and bottom 76 1/2″

The layout can be changed as shown below.  The fabric requirements and border dimensions remain the same.

Criss Cross 2b

Criss Cross 2c

Criss Cross 2d

Criss Cross 2e

Criss Cross 2f

Quilt Show update

20th – 22nd

Scottish Quilt Championships


26th – 29th

Creative Stitches/Hobbycraft


Enjoy. Until next week, thank you for visiting. x




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Creative Week 21

Lovely Sunday morning spent with my husband watching our little son playing cricket, at Rectory Park, Sutton Coldfield in the West Midlands.

Sunday morning cricket 30th June 2013


Here he is just about to start

Little son just about to start playing his cricket match


The rest of this past week has been spent on trying out different/new ways (to me) of doing old things.  For example, tube piecing to make diagonal striped squares.

tube piecing 1



I also made a couple of pineapple blocks I always thought these were to much like hard work to construct, what with all those angles to be cut, how wrong I was, this technique is so easy and quick to do, all using 21/2″ strips.

pineapple 1



pineapple 2

I’ll be turning these to into cushion covers but now I realise how easy this is construction is I may make a whole quilt this way.

I have cut the fabric for the next project, it is sitting waiting on my table, but as the vacuum cleaner has decided to breakdown this could be stitched a lot soon than I expected – Hurray!

the next project cut

This weeks quilt idea I have called Peaches

peaches quilt

This quilt measures 52″ by 52″ but could easily be adapted for different sizes.

peaches block 1


peaches block 2

The blocks are 10″ square (finished) The quilt has two borders- the inner border measuring 2″ wide (finished) and the second 4″ (finished)

Follow these links for the fabric requirements – peaches fabric requirements For the rotary cutting instructions – peaches block 1 rotary cutting info  peaches block 2 rotary cutting info For the templates peaches templates

Before I go here is the cricket tea I produced on Saturday for the Olton and West Warwickshire Cricket Club 3rd Eleven and their Opposition, there wasn’t much left – the scones and cakes (all home made) always go down well.

cricket tea 29th June 2013

The cakes this week were – vanilla with chocolate butter cream, sticky ginger cake, my special lemon drizzle and apple with a hint of cinnamon and of course scones with either raspberry or strawberry jam.

until next week. Thanks for dropping by. x


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Creative Week 20

Lunch Bags!  My daughter asked me to make her a bag to carry her lunch in to work.  So after a few minutes thinking and discussing what she wanted we came up with an idea, another hour or so later she had her bag, I think she is pleased with it.

Nicola's lunch bag Nicola's lunch bag 2


I first measured her lunch box adding an inch for fabric and turning etc., the whole thing is a cube, ties have been added to the sides to bring it in a bit but it is deep enough for the lunch box, her drink and any fruit she might want to have.  The whole thing can just be put in the wash if it gets dirty.

This weeks quilt idea.

I have called this one Spring Tickle, as I have the ticklish fabric collection by Moda to play with.

72" by 72"

72″ by 72″

12" by 12"

12″ by 12″

Above is the block, to which is added 2″ sashing (finished) with corner stones taken from the fabric line.  Border 1 measures 2″ wide (finished – unfinished pieces 21/2″ wide) cut two pieces 54.5″ long and two 58.5″ long piecing to achieve the required length.  Border 2 is again 2″ wide (finished) two pieces 58.5″  long and two 62.5″ long.  Border 3  measures 5″ (finished – unfinished 5.5″) cut two pieces 62.5″ long and two pieces 72.5″ long.

Follow these links to find the rotary cutting info – Spring Tickle Rotary Cutting info Block, fabric requirements – Spring tickle fabric  (please note these requirements are only a guideline) and finally the templates – Spring Tickle Templates

Thank you for dropping by, until next week. x