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Creative Week 41

This past week has rushed by, so fast I don’t know whether I am coming or going.

I have been selling things on Ebay to try to make room.  If you’d like to buy any embroidery yarns, patchwork and quilting items, knitting yarns, and games follow this link. (You may have to copy and paste.)

This past weekend we went back to Hatton Country World for the Christmas Food Fayre.  What can I say other than we’ll be okay for drink over the festivities!

We also called in to Wyndleys Garden Centre on the way home.  They don’t have their own website (strange in this day and age) but here is a guide

It has certainly improved since our last visit some years ago, having a much better selection of gifts, Christmas items and of course plants, we will be going back to pick our yearly Christmas decorations.  This is a family tradition, each member of the family gets to pick a new tree decoration every year, we now have a variety of different items on our trees!  When we decorate for Christmas we have at least 6 trees in the house, this year I have managed to get agreement that we will be lighting the tree right outside our front door. Yeah!  I bought the solar lights a couple of weeks ago.  My neighbour already has her house decorated and lit up, she and I have had discussions on when we should put ours up, sadly my big son is a Grinch only wanting to talk about and be involved in celebrations from Christmas Eve until Boxing day (26th) Bah humbug!  Our decorations will be going up on 30th Novemeber -son you have been warned!

This weeks quilt idea:- Overlap

This quilt can be made in two ways- flying geese or squares on-point.

Flying geese overlap

squares on-point overlap

The following information relates to the flying geese version.

The quilt layout:- Layout flying geese overlap which measures approx 72″ by 81″, of course by adding columns and/or rows the quilt can be made larger or remove them to make it smaller.  Changing the size of the block will also achieve this.  Fabric needs will change if any of the dimensions are altered.

The block diagram

Flying geese overlap block

The block rotary cutting info:- Rotary cutting info for flying geese overlap.

Fabric needs in yards:- Fabric requirements in yards for flying geese overlap.

Here is the information for the squares on-point version.

squares on-point overlap block

As can be seen the block is a simple 9 patch, it is the placement of the fabric colours and turning the block on-point that makes the pattern for this quilt.

This link gives an indication of the fabric colour placement to assist with the pattern creation:- Layout squares on-point overlap

The fabric needs:- Fabric requirements in yards for Squares on-point.

The rotary cutting info

Block for squares on-point

Corner triangle for squares on-point

setting triangle for squares on-point

I have included a version of the flying geese done in various shades of one colour.  Measures 48″ by 54″ I have changed the block size to 8″ by 4″

one colour flying geese version

The fabric requirements are here:- Fabric for one colour flying geese overlap

The block rotary cutting info is here:- Rotary cutting info for flying geese overlap 1 colour version

And finally a square on-point version in various shades of one colour

one colour squares on-point overlap

This quilt measures 51″ by 63 1/2″ approx.  The block measures 9″ as before but I have reduced the number of blocks from a layout of 6 across by 7 down to 4 across by 5 down.

The fabric needs are here:- Fabric for one colour squares on-point

the block, setting triangle and corner triangle are the same as the multi coloured version above.

If I were to make this Overlap quilt I think I would personally choose to make the flying geese version.  Please let me know which you would go with.

Quilt show reminders.

21st – 24th

Knitting and Stitching Show


Until next week, thanks for visiting. x


Creative Week 39

This week little son has been off school for half term, so we have been out and about or watching films wrapped up in the warm, when the weather has been horrible.

On Tuesday we had a trip into Solihull to buy some Christmas presents – yes I know it’s a bit early but it is the only time we have to buy his fathers present without his dad being around.

On Wednesday we had a trip to Baddesley Clinton, which we have not visited before even though it is only down the road from where we live.

Photo from

Baddelsey Clinton is a moated manor house and well worth a visit.

The Great Hall at Baddesley Clinton

Photo from

We also visited Hatton Country World before coming back to Baddesley Clinton.  Little son has grown out of wanting to visit the farm so just enjoyed the shops, especially the old fashioned sweet shop.  He also got some more ideas for Christmas presents for his brother and sister!  We will be going back in a couple of weeks for their Christmas craft fair.

So to this weeks quilt idea;- One Block, Secondary Patterns I know not a very good name but that describes what it is.

The Block

one block secondary patterns block

The Quilt

one block secondary patterns 6

The above measures 54″ by 72″, obviously this can be made larger or smaller as required, with or without borders.  The block size is 18″ so only 12 blocks are needed for this layout.

Follow this link for the fabric requirements;-  one block secondary patterns fabric yardage for No 6

The rotary cutting info;- one block secondary patterns rotary cutting info for No 6

I played with this block (and could continue to play around with it)

one block secondary patterns 5

one block secondary patterns OP 4

The above quilt measures approximately 73″ square, this time the 18″ block is set on point.

The fabric requirements are here;-

one block secondary patterns Fabric requirements for OP 4.JPG

The rotary cutting info is here;-

one block secondary patterns Rotary cutting info for OP 4.JPG

one block secondary patterns Rotary cutting info for setting triangles OP 4.JPG

The borders are as follows

Border 1 Top and bottom cut 2 1.5″ wide by 53 7/16″.  Left and right cut 2 1.5″ wide by 51 7/16″

Border 2 Top and bottom cut 2 2.5″ wide by 57 7/16″.  Left and right cut 2 2.5″ wide by 53 7/16″

Border 3 Top and bottom cut 2 1.5″ wide by 59 7/16″.  Left and right cut 2 1.5″ wide by 57 7/16″

Border 4 Top and bottom cut 2 2.5″ wide by 63 7/16″.  Left and right cut 2 2.5″ wide by 59 7/16″

Border 5 Top and bottom cut 2 1.5″ wide by 65 7/16″.  Left and right cut 2 1.5″ wide by 63 7/16″

Border 6 Top and bottom cut 2 4.5″ wide by 73 7/16″.  Left and right cut 2 4.5″ wide by 65 7/16″

one block secondary patterns OP 3

one block secondary patterns 2

one block secondary patterns 1

one block secondary patterns OP 8

one block secondary patterns OP 9

one block secondary patterns OP 7

And now before I return to playing with this block a show reminder.

7th – 10th November

Crafts for Christmas

NEC Birmingham

Until next week, thanks for visiting. x



Creative Week 38

This weeks Quilt idea – The quilt with no name.

4 blocks 1 Quilt

This quilt is made up of 4 blocks

Block 1

Block 1 rotary cutting info

Block 2

Rotary Cutting info – Block 2 rotary cutting info

Block 3

Rotary Cutting info – Block 3 rotary cutting info

Block 4

Rotary Cutting info – Block 4 rotary cutting info

Rotary Cutting info for the borders

Border 1 Left and right cut 2 x 1.5″ x 72.5″ and top and bottom  cut 2 x 1.5″ x 74.5″

Border 2 Left and right cut  2 x 2.5″ x 74.5″ and top and bottom  cut 2 x 2.5″ x 78.5″

Border 3 Left and right cut  2 x 4.5″ x 78.5″ and top and bottom  cut 2 x 4.5″ x 86.5″

The quilt layout is here – Quilt Layout


Quilt show reminder


31st October – 3rd November

Knitting and Stitching Show



1st – 3rd

Autumn Quilt Festival


Thanks for visiting, until next week. x


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Creative Week 37

All I have to say this week is:- The weather is awful, wet, soggy, grey, miserable and depressing.

This weeks quilt idea:- Bring into focus  This quilt again uses Art Gallery Fabrics from the Pure Elements range and two studio designer ranges Poetica and Floressence.

Bring into focus

This quilt measures approximately 65.5″ by 82.5″

The quilt is made from two blocks a variation on each other.

bring into focus block 1

bring into focus block 2

Follow these link for Fabric Requirements:- Bring into focus Fabric Requirements in yards I have used Floressence FS-20021 Trellis Tulip for fabric 1; Poetica POE 801 Serenade Daylight for fabric 2, POE 808 Rhythmic Sky for fabric 3 and POE 803 Heartbeats Cool for fabric 5; and finally Pure Elements PE 433 Snow for fabric 4.

These links for the rotary cutting info for block 1:- bring into focus block 1 Rotary Cutting info, for block 2:- bring into focus block 2 Rotary Cutting Info and for block 2a:- bring into focus block 2a Rotary Cutting Info.

The borders are cut as follows:-

Border 1, sides, cut 2 1.5″ by 68 3/8″ and for the top and bottom 1.5″ by 53 7/16″

Border 2, sides cut 2 2.5″ by 70 3/8″ and for the top and bottom 2.5″ by 57 7/16″

Border 3, sides cut 2 4.5″ by 74 3/8″ and for the top and bottom 4.5″ by 65 7/16″

Quilt Show Reminders

24th – 27th

Crafts for Christmas


25th – 27th

Autumn Quilt Festival


My Starry Nights package finally arrived from the Missouri Star Quilt Co. last week so I hope to be working on those this week along with finishing off other bits and pieces which will brighten my day, offering relief from this dreary weather, bring on the sunny, frosty clear days.

So until next week, thanks for visiting. x

Creative Week 35


One of the biggest UK textile events of the year happens this coming week –

The Knitting and Stitching Show

10th – 13th

Knitting and Stitching Show

Alexandra Palace, London

This week has been a week of harvesting the last few tomatoes and making chutney.

Big son has finally planted the daffodils we bought together last week, not many only about 200 in our small front garden.  I won’t show any photos now as there is nothing to see but wait until next spring.  He has also revamped this garden, moved plants and changed the lawn from an odd shaped rectangle to a circle, which to me seems to be getting smaller by the day – He assures me it isn’t.

Today’s roast dinner is in the oven along with a loaf of bread for sandwiches for everyone to take to work tomorrow.

Roast Pork and Bread

This weeks quilt idea has been designed using Art Gallery Fabrics from their Elements range.

I have used PE – 440 Macchiatto, PE – 422 Chocolate, PE – 421 Honey and PE – 436 Creme de la Creme from their Pure Elements

GG – 8520 Dark Glitter from Living Elements and

LE – 209 Ebony from Lace Elements

I hope you like.  All the usual info will follow the photos.

Coffee and Cream Medallion Quilt.

Coffee and Cream Medalion Quilt 72 inches square

This quilt is made up of 4 blocks.

Coffee and Cream central block

Central medallion block

Link for rotary cutting info – Coffee and Cream central block Cutting info.JPG

Coffee and Cream block for borders 1 and 4

Block for borders 1 and 4

Link for rotary cutting info – Coffee and Cream block for borders 1 and 4 Cutting info.JPG

Coffee and Cream block for border 2

Border 2 block

Link for rotary cutting info – Coffee and Cream block for border 2 Cutting info.JPG

Coffee and Cream block for border 3

Border 3 block

Link for rotary cutting info – Coffee and Cream block for border 3 Cutting info.JPG

The following links are for the fabric requirements in yards – Coffee and Cream Fabric Requirements Yards.JPG

Until next week , thanks for visiting. X

This gallery contains 3 photos


Creative Week 32

I have spent the weekend going through all my UFO’s sadly there are very many of them, so I have made a decision (I think!) not to start anything new until at least half of these UFO’s are finished.  The intention is there, we’ll have to see how I hold up.

This weeks quilt idea is called Criss Cross. 

Criss Cross


Criss Cross Block

The block layout

This quilt measures 48″ square.

The following links are for

I then changed the colours to give a more autumnal look

Criss Cross 2a

This version measures 76″ square.

The fabric requirements are here (again in yards) Criss Cross 2 Fabric requirements

The addition of borders has enlarged the quilt.

The first border requires the fabric to be cut as follows;- for the left and right borders cut 2 borders 48 1/2″ by 2 1/2″ and for the top and bottom cut 2 pieces 52 1/2″ by 2 1/2″

The second border has 2 pieces cut at 52 1/2″ by 1 1/2″ for the left and right borders and 54 1/2″ by 1 1/2″ in cream fabric

The third border in gold the strips are all cut 4 1/2″ wide the left and right require a length of 54 1/2″ and the top and bottom need to be cut at 62 1/2″

The fourth border in cream is again cut at 1 1/2″ wide for the left and right borders the length is 62 1/2″ and the top and bottom 64 1/2″

The fifth and final border is 6 1/2″ wide and (for left and right) 64 1/2″ long and for the top and bottom 76 1/2″

The layout can be changed as shown below.  The fabric requirements and border dimensions remain the same.

Criss Cross 2b

Criss Cross 2c

Criss Cross 2d

Criss Cross 2e

Criss Cross 2f

Quilt Show update

20th – 22nd

Scottish Quilt Championships


26th – 29th

Creative Stitches/Hobbycraft


Enjoy. Until next week, thank you for visiting. x





Creative Week 30

Warning  a Christmas alert!

On Wednesday it is only 16 weeks until Christmas!

Should I make a start on the preparations yet, I wonder.  If I ask my big son he’ll go bah humbug right up until Christmas Eve, my DD maybe a bit the same now as she works in retail so will be surrounded by Christmas very soon, but if i ask my little son he’ll be all for it!  Perhaps I’ll wait awhile, keep things fermenting in my head a bit longer.

This weeks quilt idea is, I think, different, for me anyway.  When I get around to making it I’ll be using linens.  Let me know what you think.

Art Deco  

Art Deco Table Topper


I have designed this to be a table topper – it measures approx 20″ by 20″

Follow the links for fabric requirements in yards – Fabric Yardage for Art Deco Table Topper

For the centre – Centre corner blocks Rotary Cutting info cut 4

Centre Side panels rotary cutting info cut 4

Centre Square Rotary cutting info

For the outer borders – Top and Bottom outer borders rotary cutting info cut 2

Outer side panels rotary cutting info cut 4

Outer Corner Block Rotary Cutting Info cut 4

Left and Right Outer Border cut 2


Craft show update

12th – 14th

Creative Stitches/Hobbycraft



until next week, thanks for dropping by. x