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Creative Week 45

This week quilt idea is a simple snowman and tree runner.

snowman table runner 12.5 x 60.5 inches

This runner is approximately 60″ by 12″.  All the appliqué is set on 12.5″ squares. The fabric yardage is here:- fabric yardage you will also need bond-a-web or similar to fuse the applique motifs to the fabric squares and batting.

snow manSnowman block, the templates are here:- snowman templates

christmas treeThe tree templates are here:- tree templates

That’s it for this week, thank you for visiting. x



Creative Week 34

There is a definite chill to the air now here in the UK.  Although the sun has been out all day today we have had a steady breeze, it has ensured the temperature has been held down.  I did manage to take a few photos of the very last of the flowers before the rain starts again.

dahlia 1 dahlia 2

The dahlias are still in flower but come the first frost they will be gone.

My last 3 roses

My last three roses for this year.

my last strawberry

My last strawberry!

drooping sunflower

The head of this sunflower is so heavy it has made the whole thing droop.

the one still to come

We do still have this one to come.


Still in full flower, as are

The last of the nasturstions

and so are the sedums


You know when you wake up sometimes there is a remembered thought whether it be from a dream or something else, well last night was very restless and when I woke all I kept seeing/remembering was this little devil…..

One of the little devils that started it all

Obviously it wanted me to do something, but other than plant it out I could only think to try to recreate it in a quilt somehow.  Here are my drawings……

Basic sketch

         The basic sketch, which then moved on to ……

Block drawing

which then became this ……


which got put into this quilt diagram…

That pansy that kept me awake pieced quilt

Then I moved on to looking in the EQ7 block section for their rendition of a pansy, I found 2, one pieced and one a motif.

EQ7 pieced pansy

EQ7 applique pansy

from these I came up with these……..

That pansy that kept me awake EQ7 block quilt

and this …….

That pansy that kept me awake applique quilt

I drew the bee, my little son chose the colours.

The bee…

the bee

This last one is this weeks quilt idea – The Pansy that kept me awake.

It measures 27″ square approximately and is ideal for a table topper.  It needs fabric in the following amounts

  • Background – blue a 24.5″ square
  • yellow 3/8ths of a yard
  • pale mauve 1/8th yard
  • dark mauve 1/2 yard
  • black 1/8th yard
  • very pale beige 1/8th yard

The inner border cut from yellow need 2 pieces for the top and bottom 25.5 ” by 1″ and for the left and right 24.5″ by 1″.  The outer border, in dark mauve for top and bottom 27.5″ by 1.5″ and the left and right 25.5″ by 1.5″

A piece of batting and a backing fabric, both 29″ square.  Binding approx 130″ by 2.5″ wide.

Here are the links for the templates,

the large pansy:- Pansy that kept me awake templates flower

the small pansy:- Pansy that kept me awake templates flower small

the bee:- Pansy that kept me awake templates bee

the placement diagram:- quilt layout for the pansy that kept me awake table topper

Talking of table toppers, little son is off to Germany soon to stay with a family who’s son stayed with us in May.  So, I thought I would send a present for his mother over with my son.

Table topper

The pattern (yes I know I don’t usually follow commercial patterns but…) is from Patrick Lose’s website as part of his Party with Patrick scheme.

The close up….

table topper detail

This turned out to be a very, very quick project and I have not only finished this one but made (and finished) another ready for the Myton Hospice Christmas Fair.

This week I have also gone through my knitting yarns, gathering all the leftovers from projects and have found enough of one to make a cardigan, again as a gift so I don’t have to spend anymore money buying yarn at the moment.  I did find some that will be sold very soon as I don’t need/like/want it anymore, that will happen soon when I can get DD to upload it to Ebay for me.

That’s all for this week, thanks for visiting. X


Creative Week 33

This weeks quilt idea Hidden Depths. This design is based on the fret work on the windows of many of the hotels in Singapore, as many of the buildings there seem to have a space around them between the exterior and the interior, presumably this is done to help with the heat.  Very Art Deco ish.

Hidden Depths Quilt

This quilt measures approximately 60″ by 60″, of course, it could be made large with the addition of more blocks or adding borders.  The fabric requirements would be need to be added to.  This block would also make a great cushion cover by increasing the size of the block, adding borders and/or flanges.  The black bars give the appearance of receding whilst the orange come forward, but it could just be my eyesight – I am writing this without my glasses on!

Follow the links for the rotary cutting info – Hidden Depths rotary cutting info per block.  The block diagram – Hidden Depths Block. The fabric requirements in yards – Hidden depths fabric requirements (yards)

This version highlights the use of  Art Gallery Fabrics range Oval Elements and gives an impression of being woven.

Scrappy Hidden depths

Again it is approximately 60″ square.  The fabric measurements needed can be found here – Scrappy Hidden Depths Fabric requirements (yards)


This time I have added an applique version

Applique Scrappy Hidden Depths

This could be done in any number of ways, for example using the patterned fabric as the background with fuseable bias tape for the bars, or by cutting and fusing, then stitching the patterned fabric to the white background fabric.  There are of course other ways of doing applique work.   I have had in mind fusing the patterned fabric to the background then stitching around each piece, this again throws up a number of ways to carry out the task, using a fuseable web to the entire back of each piece or add just a strip of web to the the centre, then making sure the edges are thoroughly stitched in place to prevent fraying; or just stitching around each shape slightly in from the edge to encourage fraying.  Then of course there is the choice of which stitch to use – oh the possibilities.


Quilt Show Reminder

26th – 29th

Creative Stitches/Hobbycraft



Enjoy. Until next week, thank you for visiting. x




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Creative Week 19

This week I thought I’d show a page of my book, showing the design of a new quilt top.

sketchbook page 1

I have some large prints in the Ticklish Collection from Moda,

diagram 1

which I wanted to try to keep as whole as I could without going down the route of just framing them with other fabrics a la the Kaffe Fassett workshop quilt I made last year.  I have this print in four colourways, this will yield me eight blocks – 4 positive and 4 negative.  I have applied fuseable web to the backs of all 4 fabrics, cut 9 10″ blocks from a tone on tone black print (my little son bought for me at Christmas).  The 8 print blocks will be applied to the black fabric squares, blanket stitch will be done around each print before adding sashing, from the black fabric and corner stones, from a colour or colours from the prints;  then laid out in a 3 by 3 block arrangement with a blank black square in the middle to make up the quilt top.  The quilting on the centre block will be done with a varigated thread in a pattern to mimic the cut prints, with straight lines stitched through each block, along the diagonals, top to bottom and left to right, I will also stitch in the ditch along all the seams.

Here’s how I made the blocks-:

Applied fuseable web

Applied fuseable web

Adding guide lines for drawing shapes

Adding guide lines for drawing shapes

drawn shapes ready for cutting

drawn shapes ready for cutting


block 1

block 1 neg


block 2 pos and neg


This, as I am sure you have guessed, is still a work in progress!

Quilt Show reminder

21st – 23rd

National Quilt Championships

Sandown, Esher

Thank you fro dropping by, until next week. x

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Creative week 8:- This weeks quilt idea

Creative week 8 quilt

Here you’ll find all the info for rotary cutting the blocks needed, the fabric requirements and a quilt layout.

block 2 rotary cutting info block 1

block 2 rotary cutting info block 2

block 3 rotary cutting info block 3

coner block corner block rotary cutting info

edge block 1rotary cutting info edge block 1

edge block 2

rotary cutting info edge block 2

Fabric yardage (in yards)

And finally I thought you might like to see the lunch I had today.


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Creative Week 8 (another exciting post title)

I managed to finish the Easter table runner and place mats with a few hours to spare, but I forgot to flip the cutting of the second rabbit on the runner (what an idiot).

easter runner and mats

easter mat 1 easter mat 2

easter mat 3 I have also worked on my scrap quilt a little more, having cut the batting away from 4 of the blocks and joined these together.

Lay out block ready for cutting

peel back the backing before cutting the battingblack with all excess batting cut away

how the edges will be folded in once all stitching completed 1how the edges will be folded in once all stitching completed 2

Now this is turning into a really long post I think I’ll do another one with this weeks quilt idea, so hold tight I’ll be right back.

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Creative Week 7

I really need to think of a new title for these posts but the current one sums up, or not, what I have been up to in the last week.

Remember my idea of a chicken runner for Easter, well that has been kicked into touch as I have decided to go with an egg, bunny, flower design, straight from EQ7 as time is running out.

Straight from EQ7

Straight from EQ7

As it is I have only made the centre block.

Centre block

Centre block

All with fused appliqué.  I will also be making place-mats to go with the runner, so I have made three of these blocks.

There are no exhibitions to be reminded about this week. So Happy Easter.

Argyll Cross Quilt. 

Argyll Cross- in these colours it send my eyes funny.

Argyll Cross- in these colours it send my eyes funny.

argyll cross block

argyll cross block

These links are for the fabric requirements argyll cross fabric info, the cutting info block 1 argyll cross block 1 cutting info, block 2 argyll cross block 2 cutting info, edge block 1 argyll cross edge block 1 cutting info, edge block 2 argyll cross edge block 2 cutting info, corner block 1 argyll corner block 1 cutting info and finally corner block 2 argyll corner block 2 cutting info