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Creative week 52

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Only a few more days to go before our heating and hot water is restored – I can’t wait (good job the shower is electric!).  I also have to thank my big son for generously sharing his cold with me!

On to this weeks quilt idea:- Links

Links 1 Quilt


This quilt measures 69″ square, the block is 26″ square, the framing border is 2″ wide and the outer border is 6.5″ wide.

The pdf’s for the fabric yardage, the rotary cutting info and the block diagram are here:-

Links 1 Fabric yardage

Links Rotary Cutting info  The framing border is cut at 2.5″ by 52.5″ for the left and right and 2.5″ by 56.5″ for the top and bottom.  The outer border is cut at 7″ by 56.5″ for left and right and 7″ by 69.5″ for top and bottom.

Links Block Diagram

Links 2 Quilt

Links 2 is 78″ square, again with 26″ blocks in the centre and 13″ blocks in the corners.

Fabric yardage pdf Links 2 Fabric Yardage

Large block rotary cutting info pfd Links 2 block rotary cutting info

Small block rotary cutting info pdf Links 2 Small Links block rotary cutting info

The borders are cut at 13.5″ by 52.5″ with the smaller blocks at the corners.

I’ll leave it with you to turn the corner blocks around and join them up with strips in the outer border!

The last quilt this week is probably my favourite and one I would love to have the time to make -one day!

Links 3

This one measures 110.5″ square.

That’s all for this week, thank you for dropping by. x



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