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Creative Week 50


As I sit here watching the birds on my feeder, I am freezing.  We have still not been able to find a plumber/heating engineer to come and replace our boiler – one has even told us it could be May before he could get here!  I would be suspicious if any of them said the could be here immediately but May!  British Gas want silly money as usual but could do it sooner – We maybe desperate but not that much money desperate – at a third more expensive than anyone else, for a boiler with lower specifications, they can think again.

It is not so much the cold but the damp that hangs around the house after the five of us have had showers, washed up and all the other things that need doing in the mornings, then it all starts again in the evenings.  I sit here all day with the windows open trying to get rid of the condensation but to no avail.  I have now resorted to shoving an electric fire in the rooms, shutting the doors and walking away, expensive and I’m still sitting here freezing but it sort of works.  I think I’d rather be cold than have the children sleep in damp beds ( although I don’t think they are damp, just very, very cold).

Note to self – when we get the new boiler DO NOT get it serviced and have an annual check in the winter nor allow British Gas to move the appointment from summer to winter.

Ok enough moaning.

This weeks quilt idea:- Radar

radar 1


This quilt I have named Radar 1, it reminds me of those old WWII radar pictures I saw in history lessons when I was a child.  This quilt measures 60″ square (my favourite size) and is made up of two blocks which are basically the same but the second has more piecing.

Here are the links for all the info that you need to make this quilt.

radar 1 fabric yardage

Radar 1 block 1 templates   Radar 1 block 2 templates

Radar 1 block 1 foundation papers  Radar 1 block 2 foundation paper

Radar II

Radar 2

This quilt is again 60″ square and only uses 1 of the blocks, although this time I have used dark to light radiating fabrics in one and light to dark in the other.

Here are the links

Radar 2 fabric yardage

Radar 2 templates

Radar 2 foundation template

That’s all for this week, hopefully by next week I will have happier news on the heating and hot water front – thank goodness the shower is electric!

Until next week, thank you for dropping by. x





2 thoughts on “Creative Week 50

  1. Sorry to hear about your heating troubles, I don’t think there is nothing worse than being cold. . . I remind myself of that a lot in Aug. when it is 115 😉 Hopefully you will not have to wait until May to get it fixed!!

    These quilts are stunning! The second one is my fav 🙂

  2. Thank you, we only get to 115 when we visit my cousins in Utah, sadly the UK only gets to about 97 at most for about 1 day a year if we are lucky. Our heating engineer has found a slot for the first week in February to fit us in yay! It is forecast to get colder here next week. We may not get the cold the USA gets in parts but we seem to have a constant wind which makes it feel much colder than the temperature reads.

    I am so glad you like the quilts. I, too, like number two best I shall be playing with it in other colours.

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