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Creative Week 44


I wish it would snow!

Here in the UK we have not yet had a decent frost which is unusual for this time of year.  Yes, we have had a cold snap but nothing that has killed off any of the plants in the gardens, even the birds are foraging for themselves rather than eating the offerings laid out for them by us and our neighbours – so it must be mild.

This weeks quilt idea:- Hidden Circles (not the most inspired title)

Circles 1

The quilt measures approximately 51 1/2″ square.

Here are is the usual info required to make this quilt should you wish to.

Fabric needs in yards:- Circles 1 Fabric requirements.JPG

The quilt layout:- Circles 1 Quilt layout

The rotary cutting info:- Circles 1 corner triangles rotary cutting info

Circles 1 rotary cutting info

Circles 1 setting triangles rotary cutting info

The above quilt has its block laid on-point, below is another idea with straight blocks

Doras Delight


This one measures approximately 48.5″ square.

Dora’s Delight Block diagram

Dora’s Delight Fabric requirements Fabric needs

Another layout, this one measures 60.5″ by 72.5″ approximately.

Doras Delight 2

Fabric needs are here:- Doras Delight 2 Fabric Requirements.JPG

The layout once again is straight with 5 blocks across by 6 down.

In the following quilt I have removed some of the lines from the blocks to make construction easier.

circles and diamonds

This one again measures approximately 48.5″ square.

The blocks look like this:-

circles and diamonds block 1

circles and diamonds block 2

The fabric requirements are here:- circles and diamonds fabric requirements

The rotary cutting info for block 1  circles and diamonds block 1 rotary cutting info

The rotary cutting info for block 2 circles and diamonds block 2 rotary cutting info

The quilt layout is here:- circles and diamonds quilt

That’s all for this week folks.

Thank you for visiting. x




2 thoughts on “Creative Week 44

  1. I keep losing the block when it is set on point!

    Very, very interesting results from a very simple block! Love it, particularly in multi colours.

  2. Thank you. I think I may try it with each ‘circle’ in a different colour and each diamond but keep the black.

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