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Creative Week 37

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All I have to say this week is:- The weather is awful, wet, soggy, grey, miserable and depressing.

This weeks quilt idea:- Bring into focus  This quilt again uses Art Gallery Fabrics from the Pure Elements range and two studio designer ranges Poetica and Floressence.

Bring into focus

This quilt measures approximately 65.5″ by 82.5″

The quilt is made from two blocks a variation on each other.

bring into focus block 1

bring into focus block 2

Follow these link for Fabric Requirements:- Bring into focus Fabric Requirements in yards I have used Floressence FS-20021 Trellis Tulip for fabric 1; Poetica POE 801 Serenade Daylight for fabric 2, POE 808 Rhythmic Sky for fabric 3 and POE 803 Heartbeats Cool for fabric 5; and finally Pure Elements PE 433 Snow for fabric 4.

These links for the rotary cutting info for block 1:- bring into focus block 1 Rotary Cutting info, for block 2:- bring into focus block 2 Rotary Cutting Info and for block 2a:- bring into focus block 2a Rotary Cutting Info.

The borders are cut as follows:-

Border 1, sides, cut 2 1.5″ by 68 3/8″ and for the top and bottom 1.5″ by 53 7/16″

Border 2, sides cut 2 2.5″ by 70 3/8″ and for the top and bottom 2.5″ by 57 7/16″

Border 3, sides cut 2 4.5″ by 74 3/8″ and for the top and bottom 4.5″ by 65 7/16″

Quilt Show Reminders

24th – 27th

Crafts for Christmas


25th – 27th

Autumn Quilt Festival


My Starry Nights package finally arrived from the Missouri Star Quilt Co. last week so I hope to be working on those this week along with finishing off other bits and pieces which will brighten my day, offering relief from this dreary weather, bring on the sunny, frosty clear days.

So until next week, thanks for visiting. x


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