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Creative Week 36


All is fairly quite in the house this week as little son is away in Germany on the return part of the student exchange.  He has been to school with his partner and is staying in his house too.  He has been taken bowling and to see the sights in Frankfurt but what else he has been up to is anyones guess, as I haven’t heard from in since Friday lunchtime, I hope he is having a great time and soaking up all things German.

I have finished the corset I was making for Halloween for my cousins daughter.  It was posted last Monday so should have arrived in Utah by now,  I am expecting photos of it being worn sometime soon. (hint hint)  But to be going on with here is a photo taken on my design wall.

Halloween Corset

This photo does not do it justice.  I really enjoyed making it apart from inserting the eyelets, there are 28 of them.

This weeks quilt idea.  Urban Mod Lattice

Urban Mod lattice

So called because I have again used Art Gallery Fabrics this time from the range called Urban Mod

This quilt measures approximately 72″ square, the blocks are set on point, in a 4 by 4 grid.  There are 3 different blocks, one being a plain square.

Urban Mod Lattice block 2

Urban Mod Lattice block 1

Follow these links for fabric yardage:- Urban Mod Lattice Fabric requirements and rotary cutting info:- Urban Mod Lattice block 1 Rotary Cutting info.JPG

Urban Mod Lattice block 2 Rotary Cutting info.JPG

Urban Mod Lattice block 3 Rotary Cutting info.JPG

Urban Mod Lattice 2nd Half block for top bottom and sides Rotary Cutting info.JPG

Urban Mod Lattice Top Bottom and side half blocks Rotary Cutting info.JPG

Urban Mod Lattice corner block Rotary Cutting info.JPG

and the borders:- Urban Mod Lattice side Border Rotary Cutting info.JPG  Urban Mod Lattice Top and Bottom Border Rotary Cutting info.JPG

Another variation Autumn Lattice  again using Art Gallery Fabrics this time from the Elements ranges of Oval Elements and Pure Elements

Autumn Lattice

Thanks for visiting, until next week. x

7 thoughts on “Creative Week 36

  1. Wow! You did a wonderful job on the Halloween corset!

  2. Very interesting all round … very interesting blocks, very interesting colours!

    • Thank you – I love Art Gallery Fabrics but they are so hard to buy over here in the UK, no one seems to have the entire range – a business opportunity perhaps?

      • We have that problem too … shops order the full series of any fabric by any manufacturer, they may get three, then two and no more out of ten fabrics in the range.

        I don’t use ranges as such anyway … I select fabrics by pulling fabrics off shelves and lining them up on the shop counter, adding and deleting until I am happy. I then reserve the right to add something from another shop …or two!

  3. Corset looks brilliant, but eyelets …. once put 60 mini sized on a piece of art

    • Thanks Bev. I didn’t use to mind putting in eyelets but ‘they’ keep changing the bits and then you need a new thingy to attach them so maybe next time I’ll use hooks and eyes – more sexy than eyelets I think.

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