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Creative Week 23


And the fine, hot weather continues.  After all the rain we had last year and during the beginning of this year our water company has now issued a warning for people to conserve water!  We have only had about 2 weeks of good weather – are they mad?


Oh well, at least the flowers are thriving.  I need to get out there and dead head the roses, the lupins and the tree peony – later.

This last week I have been working on bags.  I needed a bag for traveling on planes, that was big enough to carry my tablet computer, my ipod, my camera, all the travel documents, my knitting, my purse, keys and all the kids stuff too, so I made one and a couple (so far) of attachable inner bags.

Bag 1

Tablet bag

Travel Documents bag

Just a few more inner bags to go, then I’m done.  I am attaching D rings to the inside of the main bag to clip the smaller bags to so I don’t loose anything, well to try not to anyway.  The outer bag is so big I need all these inner bags to keep track of everything.  They can be taken out as necessary whilst we are traveling.

This weeks quilt idea -: Sends Your Eyes Funny 2

Sends your eyes funny 2

Follow the links for the rotary cutting info-: Block Corner triangles Setting triangles inner border sides inner border top and bottom outer border sides outer border top and bottom and the fabric requirements-: Fabric requirements  The quilt measures approximately 80″ by 91″ but can be made smaller or larger just by adding more blocks, you will, of course, need less fabric or more depending on size.

Here is another version of this quilt which still makes my eyes go funny!

Sends your eyes funny!

All made with one block

Block drawing

that is turned to create the pattern, although the second quilt idea is set horizontally whereas the first one was set on point, both make my eyes hurt.

Enjoy your week, thanks for visiting. x


2 thoughts on “Creative Week 23

  1. It makes my head spin but I love the first one … now I think I need a nap until my head just faces front and centre.

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