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Creative Week 22

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Now we have good weather (finally) in the UK it is good to see a line full of clean laundry drying in the sun.

Nothing like a line full of clean washing

This line is now even longer as I have to take every opportunity I can to get the laundry dry in the fine weather.  Nothing smells as fresh as line dried clothing.

Since last time I have cut up all the halloween fabric and constructed the quilt top, as per usual it is waiting for layering up and quilting, but this will have to wait until things cool down a bit.  Oh and it needs to have its lime green borders added.

Halloween Quilt top

This weeks quilt idea is Floral Squares.  The quilt idea uses just one block set on point and turned to create the pattern.  The size for this one is 85.5″ by 102.5″ approximately.

Floral Squares Quilt

The block

The block

Block sketch of block

Please click the following links for all the info-: Rotary cutting – Rotary Cutting info, Fabric requirements in yards – Fabric requirements

Until next time, thank you for visiting. x

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