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Creative Week 20

Lunch Bags!  My daughter asked me to make her a bag to carry her lunch in to work.  So after a few minutes thinking and discussing what she wanted we came up with an idea, another hour or so later she had her bag, I think she is pleased with it.

Nicola's lunch bag Nicola's lunch bag 2


I first measured her lunch box adding an inch for fabric and turning etc., the whole thing is a cube, ties have been added to the sides to bring it in a bit but it is deep enough for the lunch box, her drink and any fruit she might want to have.  The whole thing can just be put in the wash if it gets dirty.

This weeks quilt idea.

I have called this one Spring Tickle, as I have the ticklish fabric collection by Moda to play with.

72" by 72"

72″ by 72″

12" by 12"

12″ by 12″

Above is the block, to which is added 2″ sashing (finished) with corner stones taken from the fabric line.  Border 1 measures 2″ wide (finished – unfinished pieces 21/2″ wide) cut two pieces 54.5″ long and two 58.5″ long piecing to achieve the required length.  Border 2 is again 2″ wide (finished) two pieces 58.5″  long and two 62.5″ long.  Border 3  measures 5″ (finished – unfinished 5.5″) cut two pieces 62.5″ long and two pieces 72.5″ long.

Follow these links to find the rotary cutting info – Spring Tickle Rotary Cutting info Block, fabric requirements – Spring tickle fabric  (please note these requirements are only a guideline) and finally the templates – Spring Tickle Templates

Thank you for dropping by, until next week. x

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Creative Week 19

This week I thought I’d show a page of my book, showing the design of a new quilt top.

sketchbook page 1

I have some large prints in the Ticklish Collection from Moda,

diagram 1

which I wanted to try to keep as whole as I could without going down the route of just framing them with other fabrics a la the Kaffe Fassett workshop quilt I made last year.  I have this print in four colourways, this will yield me eight blocks – 4 positive and 4 negative.  I have applied fuseable web to the backs of all 4 fabrics, cut 9 10″ blocks from a tone on tone black print (my little son bought for me at Christmas).  The 8 print blocks will be applied to the black fabric squares, blanket stitch will be done around each print before adding sashing, from the black fabric and corner stones, from a colour or colours from the prints;  then laid out in a 3 by 3 block arrangement with a blank black square in the middle to make up the quilt top.  The quilting on the centre block will be done with a varigated thread in a pattern to mimic the cut prints, with straight lines stitched through each block, along the diagonals, top to bottom and left to right, I will also stitch in the ditch along all the seams.

Here’s how I made the blocks-:

Applied fuseable web

Applied fuseable web

Adding guide lines for drawing shapes

Adding guide lines for drawing shapes

drawn shapes ready for cutting

drawn shapes ready for cutting


block 1

block 1 neg


block 2 pos and neg


This, as I am sure you have guessed, is still a work in progress!

Quilt Show reminder

21st – 23rd

National Quilt Championships

Sandown, Esher

Thank you fro dropping by, until next week. x

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Creative Week 18

What a week! Our beautiful darling daughter had the private view of her university exhibition, so we had a lovely trip to Cambridge.  It was great to see her work along side her fellow students, we also got to see the work of the other departments too, some very interesting ideas were on show.


My Beautiful Girl at her exhibition.



My youngest son had his internal school exams all week, followed by a trip to Edgbaston, with his dad and big brother, to watch the first match of the ICC Champions Trophy which involved England beating Australia.  then up early to play in another cricket match in Coventry.  He has now gone off with school for a week to Wales under the guise of a geography field trip but really I think they are all just going to have fun.

With everybody being out of the house all of Saturday I managed to make a quilt and the backing before they all came in for something to eat.

Quick quilt a


Quick quilt backing b


I have written the pattern which can be found here:- Quick Off Set Block Quilt (and backing) I made this quilt primarily to practice my quilting and as per usual I have not yet layered it up ( a job for very early next week).

Last week I also made the Rail Fence Trio quilt from last week blog post.  As can be seen I made it larger as I had extra fabric and yes I have made (sort of) a cushion to go with it – neither are finished (yet).

Rail Fence Trio quilt


So what’s on the agenda for the coming week?  I intend to design a quilt using a layer cake I have called Ticklish from Me & My Sister Designs for Moda, I also want to make a blouse that has been sitting waiting for a while and I suppose I had better take advantage of the fact that little son isn’t here to do some cleaning (what!!!!) before making cakes for the cricket teas on Saturday.

Thanks for dropping by.

Until next week. x



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Creative Week 17

Again I haven’t been able to complete/create much as my little son has been on holiday from school for the past week, we have been trying to remain entertained in between exam revision and keeping up beat due to the rain and cold we have endured enjoyed!

I have started work on some small cushions made from leftovers, yet to be finished (of course) and stitched the last few remaining blocks from those left over from the previous weeks quilt tops.

cushion 1 cushion 2


The stitching lines that are visible are only temporary and will be removed once the cushions are complete.  This fabric was purchased some years ago whilst on holiday in Quimper (pronounced Kemper) Brittany France. Well worth a trip if you’re in the area.  We also enjoyed a boat trip from Benodeot at the mouth of the river Odet (Benodeot is the literal translation of the mouth of the Odet) up river to Quimper, the views of different styles of chateau are really worth seeing –  perhaps it is time for a return visit, maybe next year!


This small piece measures 20.5″ by 24.5″ unfinished (again), I’ll add a couple of borders to bring the size up to maybe 30″ by 30″.  Starting with a white/ivory border just on the right and left sides 2″ (finished) to bring it up to 24.5″ square, then 3″ borders all around.


This week Quilt Idea – Rail Fence Trio  a simple but effective quilt made with just three colours of fabric sewn into 2 strip sets then cut into blocks.

42" by 52"


From the light fabric

20 x 1.5″ strips across the width of the fabric for the quilt top set aside 4 of these for the inner border.

From the medium fabric

12 x 1.5″ strips across the width of the fabric.

From the dark fabric

12 x 1.5″ strips across the wide of the fabric (blocks)

4 x 5.5″ strips across the width of fabric (outer border)

6 x 2.5″ strips across the width of fabric (binding)

Block 1 (centre strip green) stitch 4 strip sets comprising of dark, light, medium, light, dark.  Press all seams in one direction from the front.  Sub cut into 5.5″ blocks (28 in total)

Block 2 (centre strip red/burgundy) stitch 4 strips sets comprising of medium, light, dark, light, medium.  Press all seams in one direction from the front.  Sub cut into 5.5″ blocks (28 in total)

Arrange as per quilt diagram, placing alternate blocks at 90 degree rotation, 6 across and 8 down. Stitch in rows, pressing as you go.  Join rows, pressing as you go.

Add the inner border:- from the light fabric, cut 2 strips 32.5″ by 1.5″ and two 40.5″ by 1.5″ add the shorter 2 to the shorter edges of the quilt top before adding the longer two.  Press

Add the outer border:- from the dark fabric, cut 4 strips 42.5″ by 5.5″.  Stitch one border strip to each of the longer edges, press before adding the remaining two borders.

Layer up on top of a backing fabric (placed face down on a flat surface) and batting, baste using method of choice.  Quilt as desired. Square up before adding the binding made from the remaining dark fabric, cut into 2.5″ strips joined to make the required length.  Add a label and you’re finished – Enjoy.

Fabric requirements:-

Light fabric – 80cm/30″ (includes enough for inner border)

Medium fabric – 50cm/18″

Dark fabric – 150cm/55″ (includes enough for outer border and binding)

Backing fabric – to measure 122cm/ 48″ by 148cm/58″

Batting same size as backing fabric.

Thread, both piecing and quilting.

I have been exact with the fabric measurements in inches but generous in cms.

You will have 4 of each block left over (as well as 3.5″ from each strip if using 42″ wide fabric).  From the left over blocks I will be making 2 small cushions to go with the quilt.


Quilt Show Update.

7th – 8th June

Springfields Quilt Show

Spalding Lincs


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Creative Week 16

My daughter has returned from university this week therefore I have not completed much work but here is this weeks quilt idea.

A variation on the Courtyard Garden quilt of a few weeks ago.

38" square

38″ square

The fabric info is here:- Fabric info with the templates in this link:- templates block 1 Templates block 2 and the rotary cutting info here:- Rotary cuttining info block 1 Rotary cuttining info block 2.  Just add two strips 36.5″ by 1.5″ to opposite sides and 38.5″ by 1.5″ to the remaining two opposite side to make a 38″ square quilt.