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What is creative and what is not?


I have just been made aware of the Petition below by Bev at – I am about to make a Victor Meldrew statement ‘I cannot believe it!’ how can:-

‘Calling an IT Business Analyst a creative but refusing the title to a skilled potter or ceramicist shows the level of understanding that those proposing the change have of what is and isn’t creative.’

Above is a quote from

‘Can I ask that as you are reading this about creative arts, that you take time out to look at this Petition to stop the government from reclassifying craft as non-creative.’

Quote from Bev above.

My name is already on it.


2 thoughts on “What is creative and what is not?

  1. Thanks Lesley – its utter madness isn’t it. Don’t they think that many of us have to find a huge range of skills alongside our chosen creative path – like website design, selling, promotion, teaching, designing, and yep actually making. Grrrr

    • You’re more than welcome Bev. I also advertised this on my facebook page, so hopefully lots more people will sign the petition. As I said I hope your exhibitions go well and the workshop.

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