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Creative Week 14


I have made 2 quilt tops this week completed an awful lot of research and designing, I have even written a pattern for this weeks quilt idea.  I will be saving one of the quilt tops for next week as it is not quite finished yet but this will also be accompanied by written instructions, whoa slow down – am I having a funny turn or what – writing patterns again after such a long while, admittedly the last patterns I wrote were for knitwear, so I hope these are understandable, please let me know.

I have called this one Double 9 Patch

double 9 patch quilt 1

This is the link for the pattern, which includes all fabric requirements and cutting information:- Double 9 Patch Quilt approx 36

I have yet to layer this quilt up as I have run out of my favourite batting – I feel a need to visit the Cotton Patch ( coming on -shh don’t tell my husband!

Quilt Show update

It is time for the Quilts UK show this week, it is running from 16th to 19th May at Malvern Worcestershire, below is the link for all the information.

Until next week.

Thanks for dropping by. x


2 thoughts on “Creative Week 14

  1. Very interesting. Traditionally, a double nine patch has had a smaller nine-patch in the center and four corners. (I recently showed one I made about 30 years ago on my blog: I do like yours but I don’t know an easy memorable name–which it certainly deserves.

    • Thank you for your comment, I was interested to hear your definition of a nine patch, although still not as your traditional description, I was referring to the 9 patch within the 9 patch quilt itself and I agree another name would have been great, sadly I was unable to think of one.

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