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Creative Week 15

Well the quilt top is finished.whirlygig top 1


whirlygig top 2

I very much like this top but I am now fed up with using these fabrics, as much as I love them, you can have too much of a good thing!  I have approximately 12″ by 6″ of each colourway left – what to do with it now?  I am putting these away for the time being perhaps sometime in the future I may need a quick baby quilt or similar.

I have written a pattern for this quilt whirlygig pattern it contains all the info you need should you wish to give this a try.

I now have 3 quilt tops made from this fabric to be layered up, quilted, bound and labelled before finding them new homes.

Until next week, thanks for dropping by. x


What is creative and what is not?

I have just been made aware of the Petition below by Bev at – I am about to make a Victor Meldrew statement ‘I cannot believe it!’ how can:-

‘Calling an IT Business Analyst a creative but refusing the title to a skilled potter or ceramicist shows the level of understanding that those proposing the change have of what is and isn’t creative.’

Above is a quote from

‘Can I ask that as you are reading this about creative arts, that you take time out to look at this Petition to stop the government from reclassifying craft as non-creative.’

Quote from Bev above.

My name is already on it.


Creative Week 14

I have made 2 quilt tops this week completed an awful lot of research and designing, I have even written a pattern for this weeks quilt idea.  I will be saving one of the quilt tops for next week as it is not quite finished yet but this will also be accompanied by written instructions, whoa slow down – am I having a funny turn or what – writing patterns again after such a long while, admittedly the last patterns I wrote were for knitwear, so I hope these are understandable, please let me know.

I have called this one Double 9 Patch

double 9 patch quilt 1

This is the link for the pattern, which includes all fabric requirements and cutting information:- Double 9 Patch Quilt approx 36

I have yet to layer this quilt up as I have run out of my favourite batting – I feel a need to visit the Cotton Patch ( coming on -shh don’t tell my husband!

Quilt Show update

It is time for the Quilts UK show this week, it is running from 16th to 19th May at Malvern Worcestershire, below is the link for all the information.

Until next week.

Thanks for dropping by. x


Creative Week 13

zig zag quilt top

I have actually done some sewing this week – I bought a kit whilst in the States last year for this quilt top but decided I didn’t want to make the size suggested so in stead of the 81/2″ by 41/2″ rectangles I used 21/2″ by 41/2″, but made the quilt up in the same manner ( removed some of the smaller triangles replacing them with a larger one where necessary).  This small version measures 28″ by 31″, I will be adding borders.  This all means I have lots of these fabrics left to play with.






Next up for these fabrics is a nine patch quilt.

This weeks quilt idea:- Woven Windows

This quilt measures 491/2″ square

woven windows

Each block is 6″ square.  I love the way the blue seems to add a third dimension to this quilt idea.

woven windows block

Each block is the same but on a different orientation this link will take you to the quilt layout. woven windows layout

The following is the fabric requirements in yards – woven windows fabric. The rotary cutting info – woven windows rotary cutting and the templates for hand stitch this block – woven windows templates

I have included another version of the same quilt, just by rearranging the colours and adding white has given this a completely different look which I have called Woven Stars.

woven stars

The layout, the block, the rotary cutting info and the templates are just the same as before so follow those links above but here is the fabric requirements (in yards) for this version – woven stars fabric

Now the garden calls – it is a public holiday here and for once the weather is set to be good – perhaps this is our one and only day of summer this year best make the most of it!  Thanks for dropping by. x