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Creative week 11

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This week has been spent doing research for many more quilts and the blocks to go in them, along with finishing off – or trying to – several knitting projects and researching and booking our trip to America in the summer, so I only have this weeks quilt possibility to show.

‘Rectangles’   This is a very simple block using 11/2″ strips of fabric, which could use up scraps with a background fabric as a constant.  The one below sends my eyes into a spin if I look at it too quickly a bit like an optical illusion, they look wonky!


The links that follow will take you to the fabric requirements Rectangles Fabric requirements in yards, the rotary cutting info Rectangles Rotary Cutting info and the block Rectangels block

I have also included other colour possibilities along with the fabric requirements.

Rectangles b

Fabric requirements Rectangels b fabric requirements in yards

To this next one I  have added sashing

Rectangles c

Fabric requirements Rectangles c fabric requirements

Rectangles d

Fabric requirements Rectangles d fabric requirements

Quilt Show Update

26th – 28th

British Quilt and Stitch


Until next week.


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