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Creative Week 9

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I have had my children home this week so I haven’t done much other than feed them and clean (after a fashion – anyone who knows me knows I don’t understand the concept of cleaning, life’s too short) but here is this weeks quilt idea.

A few flying geese mixed with rectangles and squares, so is easy to make and could utilise part of a jelly roll with backing and could be made larger using more of the jelly roll.

creative week 9

The quilt is 68″ square; the block measures 16″ square; sashing is 2″ wide  and therefore would need to be cut 2 1/2″ wide with 2 1/2″ square setting squares.  The first border measures 2″ wide again cut 2 1/2″ strips with the second border measuring 4″ (cut 4 1/2″).

It is very easy to change the size of this block should you wish, it is based on an 8 grid but making it 16 inches would make good use of those 2 1/2″ strips, it could also be made from any scraps left after other projects just with the addition of a back ground fabric to link it together.


These are the links for the pdfs for rotary cutting info rotary cutting info and the fabric requirements fabric requirements in yards


Finally a show reminder.



12th – 14th


Spring Quilt Festival



Until next week, thanks for stopping by.



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