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Creative Week 7

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I really need to think of a new title for these posts but the current one sums up, or not, what I have been up to in the last week.

Remember my idea of a chicken runner for Easter, well that has been kicked into touch as I have decided to go with an egg, bunny, flower design, straight from EQ7 as time is running out.

Straight from EQ7

Straight from EQ7

As it is I have only made the centre block.

Centre block

Centre block

All with fused appliqué.  I will also be making place-mats to go with the runner, so I have made three of these blocks.

There are no exhibitions to be reminded about this week. So Happy Easter.

Argyll Cross Quilt. 

Argyll Cross- in these colours it send my eyes funny.

Argyll Cross- in these colours it send my eyes funny.

argyll cross block

argyll cross block

These links are for the fabric requirements argyll cross fabric info, the cutting info block 1 argyll cross block 1 cutting info, block 2 argyll cross block 2 cutting info, edge block 1 argyll cross edge block 1 cutting info, edge block 2 argyll cross edge block 2 cutting info, corner block 1 argyll corner block 1 cutting info and finally corner block 2 argyll corner block 2 cutting info

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