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Talking of Quick Quilts!

table runners 1

These two table runners were made from a layer cake my cousin picked up for me whilst we were in America in August.  They both took me less than an hour to cut out and assemble.

table runners 2

The top one of these two runners was made from some left over fabric I had purchased years ago, not really knowing what I was going to do with it.

The bottom one used recently bought fabric, again both took less than an hour to cut out and construct. 

Now all that’s left is the layering up, quilting, binding and labelling – Easy – I’ll do it later, maybe.

I think these will end up as presents and Christmas Fayre donations as Myton Hospice is having their Christmas Fayre on 17th November in Warwick.  They were very kind to someone very dear to me who is sadly no longer with us.

They do extremely good work and are well worth supporting.

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Quilt top in under 2hours

I had time between washing the floor and letting it dry before I started on the cooking and baking for the weekend, so instead of wasting time I cut out and stitched together a quilt top from a layer cake of 20 Dan Bennett fabrics which I have had for sometime and which have been on my to do list for sometime, the date I had set for doing something with these fabrics is fast approaching too – September 30th.  All that’s left to do is to add a border if I decide whether to or not, then layer the top up with batting and a backing fabric, quilt it and add a label, all possible by the 30th.


It has taken me under 2 hours to get this far – amazing – but perhaps I need to find a cheaper hobby!

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Broken Bread Machine–Enter Hand Made Bread

I know it’s not a life changing event but here is my first batch of bread from scratch by hand for a very long time.

handmade bread

We got home from America only to find the bread machine, which I used to make my dough, had decided it had had enough – after all it worked very day at least once in its long life.  So now I have decided to make my bread completely by hand; it takes a bit longer but I do get a work out with the kneading and I can control the rising, allowing the yeast to ferment slowly therefore preventing the bread bloat which can happen with shop bought and machine made bread.

And best of all it tastes great – Yum.