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Red, Blue and White Quilt

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With all the red, blue and white around at the moment I thought I had better join in, after all this is the only way I’ll be taking part in the Olympics.  Whilst I enjoyed the tennis, not seeing Novak Djokovic being knocked out though; I suffered the football, I did partake vociferously of the England matches; I have to put up with the cricket every year from April to October, and then the rest of the time via other countries and the TV; I will not be having much to do with the Olympics as they do not float my boat at all, even the football having the best player left out (Mr Beckham) will not be watched.  Therefore my contribution to all this mayhem of red, white and blue is a quilt!  A very easy to put together pattern but it looks impressive and grows very quickly.

The top is done now to create the backing, for which, I have bought some union jack fabric. 

Now to the DVD store or I might sign up with Netflix for a big supply of films!

I have also just heard the sad news that the up and coming series of CSI Miami is to be the last – what will I do without Horatio’s one liners?  They make my day, they are so obvious. 


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