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Aprons and the latest quilt top finished

The 3 aprons I made from fabric bought at Jo-Ann’s are finally finished, I have another one cut out but am waiting to go shopping for some more ric-rac or for the time to make some trim out of the left over fabric from the other aprons.  I don’t know which will come first.

I have also finished another quilt top this week too, just waiting for the border, backing and binding fabric to arrive, this will be completely finished within the next week or two.

The pattern was so easy to do, the fabric was from a jelly roll bought from the bramble patch ( )

batik quilt

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Flying Geese made very easy

I will be giving this technique a try very soon but I will have to reconsider the ergonomics of the work space as the way this person works is dreadful, this technique could be made much more efficient and therefore even less time consuming when the working environment was looked at differently.

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And for my next project–Aprons!

This fabric was purchased from Jo-Ann’s in Spainish Fork (I think) Utah, it was our second trip there of the day!  My aunt kindly gave me the pattern book as we were unable to find it in the store nor on the UK Amazon site, so she bought another one for herself from the US Amazon website.  So this afternoon I will be making one of these up the purple one I think for the first one.

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Latest Quilt is finished!

The quilt I made with some of the fabrics I brought back from America is finished.  I used the fabrics pictured in a previous post ( )

I made the simple pattern up as I went along; the quilting is even simpler as I just followed the lines of the piecing.  All that’s left to do is attach the quilt label.

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Applique Cushion Finished

cushion finished 1 002

I know I have said in the past I do not follow patterns well this is an exception – I bought the kit in the Corn Wagon whilst I was staying with my Aunt and Uncle in Utah.  I was like a child in a candy store in this place, everywhere I turned was glorious colour, I can’t wait to go back but I don’t think my husband will be too pleased, it might cost too much money!

Now on to the next project using the fabrics in a previous post…..