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A question for all knitters and would be knitters.


Do any of you out there in the ether think that a knitting shop, that not only offers on trend knitting patterns, yarn and all the appropriate embellishments, but also provides a space to learn with workshops, classes etc.; a relaxing environment to just sit and knit over a cup of coffee/tea and a slice of cake, operating hours outside those of ‘normal’ shop hours; would be a good idea in the south east of Birmingham?

2 thoughts on “A question for all knitters and would be knitters.

  1. just found this post (bit late to the party sorry), but the general answer is “yes, I do”. I work just north of the city centre, but live in the South West.

    I would support a shop that was 1) easy to get to on public transport 2) that I knew was open for classes etc after 5:30 during the week or any time on a weekend. I’m not a strong knitter as yet so would need beginners classes.

    (As an example I finally made it to The Cotton Patch in Hall Green a while ago which turned out to be a lot easier to get to than I thought. I would love to go to one of their classes, but they seem to be on a Thursday morning or early afternoon. There is no way I would be able to take that time off work to be able to do it. So an evening or weekend class would certainly suit me!)

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