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What a difference a weekend makes.

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The floorboards went down on Friday morning, much more quickly than I had thought they would; followed by the start of the decorating.  The walls were quickly striped, the paper purchased, the woodwork rubbed down and preparation done.

The decorator, Mark, arrived on Saturday morning at 8 am and worked through until just before 4 so he could pick up the paint before they closed, as it was the paint store owner was tapping his watch, with the place shut up ready to go when Mark got there. 

Sunday saw a slightly later start but needless to say Mark worked through until he was just left with the painting to do on Monday.

Monday he finished his part, cleaned up really well and yes I would recommend him to anyone. We chose the flooring which the builder is going to pick up sometime this week for laying perhaps on Friday if not sooner.  The competent  plumber is to come back as the radiator is still slightly leaking from the valves (that the idiot plumber put in years ago) – I could see water dripping from the joints, they are now wrapped up with cloths as the drip is not too bad but it needs putting right before the floor goes down. 

The builders put in charge of the operation by the insurance company, have all been very pleasant and extremely helpful – I can’t believe they were prepared to work over the weekend.  I would be very happy to let them do work on my house at any time, although the same cannot be said for the restoration/drying company.

I just can’t wait for it to all be finished and behind us, I’ve had enough now and my sewing machine is still calling to me.


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