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Taking Advantage of Mayhem

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Above shows the industrial fan lent to us by the restoration/insurance company (and the state of the room now).  We have a de-humidifier as well, the water tank of which is emptied very regularly.  It fills up over night without the fan being on and several times during the day, we can’t believe how much water is in that room.  We are unable to move my sewing cupboard and the table as they are both too heavy, the restoration/insurance company have suggested we talk to the builders when they arrive as they may be able to work around them or move them for us.  I suppose we have to be thankful that it was just hot water and not anything like sewage, no one was hurt and that it is only minor.

These photo’s show the lounge after we had moved all the ‘stuff’ from the dining room, although the dining chairs and all my books are in the children’s bedrooms upstairs – they are not happy but they have to live in this house too so shut up and put up.

I have decided (don’t all fall down at once)to take the opportunity of going through all the ‘stuff’ and I am going to weed items out!  I say weed rather than throw, bin or chuck as it sounds a little less harsh and certainly less scary, sadly I know what will happen when I have finished my weeding someone will ask if I have such and such and I won’t, not anymore.  I get my hording tendencies from both my mum but my father isn’t all innocent either.  Both were brought up during the war when all things seemed to be kept whether it was needed or not as it might come in useful at some point, perhaps we should go back to that with the way things are at the moment and ecologically it sounds a good idea……….. STOP!  I’m talking myself out of my weeding session.  I will also be getting rid of some of my books via ebay, I will have a link to that account from this one.


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