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Well, we have had the insurance assessor out tonight.  It looks like we will be having all the floorboards replaced and whilst the builders are doing that they will check the joists out for damp too.  Then the wall paper has to come off as the walls are wet at the bottom, so we have to be redecorated.  Finally, when all that is done we have to have the floor covering replaced but first everything has to be dried out.  The monitor registered the water in the floor was 7 times what it should be.  The humidity on average should be 40% but in our room it is 68.7% and this is after two days of constantly running a dehumidifier.

All this work is going to take about 6 to 8 weeks, time which I haven’t really got to spare.  Sadly this will put paid to any textile work as I can not get to my machines, fabrics or art supplies – all the furniture from the dining room is in the lounge.  The dining table is so heavy I don’t know how we are going to move it let alone where we are going to put it, I hope the builders can work around it and my sewing cupboard as it too, is very heavy and full of sewing machines.


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