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The Chaos Caused By an Incompetent Plumber

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Apart from the fact that the person we got in to fit our gas fire nearly killed me by leaving a gas leak under the floor boards, we have now discovered that the radiator he fitted has been leaking for years under the floor!  It finally made its presence known over the last few weeks, since we have had the windows replaced.  The condensation got considerably worse with the new windows, which confused and upset us, then the floor in the dining room started to come apart – the laminate started to lift all over the floor, mould was starting to appear around the edges of the room, even in the lounge we had water running down the walls and a smell of compost that got stronger and stronger – I thought we had a dead rat hiding under the floor!  Yuk.

We finally lifted the laminate on Saturday to have a look, as we originally thought the damp was caused by water breaching the damp proof course in the bay window DH checked outside first, all there was okay and clear and the bay window area was relatively less damp than the rest of the room.  It was awful as the laminate came up, the underlay disintegrated, the further into the room we went the bigger the puddles became and the stronger the compost smell got. 

water damage from leak under floor Feb 2012 (3)water damage from leak under floor Feb 2012 (5)water damage from leak under floor Feb 2012

Soggy floorboards with candles to try to cover up the compost smell.

Eventually DH took up the majority of the floor and then he could hear a gushing sound.  Steam was rising from the area by the radiator.  Up came the floor boards only to find boiling hot water pouring out of an elbow joint connecting the radiator to the pipework.  DH tried to tighten the joint and found the screw thread had been stripped and wouldn’t tighten, therefore it was obvious that the INCOMPETENT idiot who called himself a plumber, must have known what he had done and just didn’t care enough to put in right.  I wish I could remember his name as he would have been dragged through the courts, not to mention being reported to the Gas Safer regulators and I would have been able to put his name out there to warn others to avoid him completely.  Sadly this work had been carried out at least 9 years ago – a leak for nine years- why did it suddenly come to light now?

At least now we can start to put things right but I am unable to get into the room to work on my sewing machine, which I still have to move along with its cupboard and all my fabrics, fortunately they are still on the laminate flooring so are dry.  Our lounge is now full of extra furniture whilst we try to dry the room out.  I wonder how long this will take – any idea?


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