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New Year New Me– No I don’t think so!

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As can be seen by the date it is now more than a month into the new year and over two months since my last post!  I have no excuses, well I have but I won’t bore you with them.

Well what have I achieved since November?  Creatively not a lot.

Academically I have written two assignments for the Open University course I am taking, for the first one, I nearly fell off the chair when I received the result, needless to say I was very pleased.

Socially, I have organised (tried to organise) a family quiz night for my sons school, that is being held in the next couple of days so whether it is a success or not is yet to be decided.  we have celebrated my DH’s birthday yesterday, our daughter came home from university to surprise him, his comment on seeing her was ‘you haven’t left uni have you?’  As you can imagine she was not too pleased.  We have been to Cambridge to see her a couple of times since Christmas too, I really hate that journey down the A14 from Cathorpe Interchange at the end of the M6 to Cambridge, it is so straight it is boring.

Family wise we had a very quiet Christmas, thankfully I hate rushing around at that time of year.  My mother came for Christmas lunch, we had her drinking Dis Arrono one sip and she was gone, although she enjoyed it.  I have booked a ticket to visit America in May to attend a quilt exhibition in Utah and to stay with family.  The furthest I have ever travelled on my own was from Birmingham to Harrogate a few years ago and I have only ever been on planes a few times, I’m well out of my comfort zone.  Oh in the cold weather in the middle of December we had all the windows in the house replaced, it has taken until now, well that’s how it feels, to get the house warm again, although the windows look very nice, the house looks new – if that’s possible for a house 80 year’s old.

What are on the cards for this year?  I have several quilt designs churning over and developing in my head, some are nearing the point where I need to work them out on paper ready for making in fabric.

I have a business idea cogitating in my head too, but that will have to be a wait and see.

My Open University finishes at the end of April with a big piece of work just before I go to the states, so currently all efforts are being put into that.

One thing I will not be doing ever again, is volunteering (or rather DH did but I’ve ended up doing it) to organise anything for the school parents and teachers group.  The whole experience has been extremely stressful to say the least.

Now I’ve finally write this blog again, perhaps I will get back in the swing, with photos next time.


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