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Contemporary Patchwork Runner and Knitting Sample


I have been working on a new runner based on one I had seen in a magazine (which one I can’t remember- sorry).  The fabrics, from a collection by Sherrill Khan, have been in my stash for several years.  I wish we, in the UK, had better access to fabrics like these I am sick and tired of the traditional fare we keep being fed, to such an extent I have started to import some contemporary fabrics for my own use, along with dyeing and designing my own.  Ok moan over!

runner 1

As you can tell it’s not the best of photos – as it is so long I have taken sectional pictures and merged them together, needs perfecting I know.

I am taking myself off to the US next May to a Quilt exhibition.  I am going with an empty case so I can bring back loads of fabric.  I may well send some back via post too depending on what I see.

I have also been knitting samples for a tunic jumper which I really hope to get around to making.

knitting sample cables

The sample shows the two cable patterns I intend to use, the tension has yet to be decided on.  The drawing, not the best, gives an idea of how the tunic will look.


tunic design

2 thoughts on “Contemporary Patchwork Runner and Knitting Sample

  1. Hey, everyone! I have an interesting question today. Pattern or Fabric, what comes first? When you sew, do you see a pattern you like and then go searching for the perfect fabric to match? Or, do you see beautiful fabrics and then pick a pattern that would best suit the fabric?

    • I don’t usually follow a commercial pattern for Patchwork and Quilting, in fact I have only ever followed two and found I had to change/alter/adapt/correct those. I write my own knitting patterns, and I adapt commercial dress making patterns or cut my own dress making patterns.
      I will buy commercially produced fabric and design around it but it all depends on what I want to produce at the time, I work in lots of different ways.

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