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Do You Starch?


Another question I would like to ask – Do you use starch on your cotton quilt fabrics?  If so, at which stage?  Before cutting out or after?

I do use starch sometimes, it goes in phases for me, just like a fashion trend I suppose, I feel that trend is about to start again. 

It makes sewing together easier.  I suppose that makes sense as it stiffens the fabric, less drape the better it behaves.  It gives the sewing machine something sturdier to grip onto.  I have also found that construction marks show up better.  Having said that, there is then even more need to wash the project after construction but I do that as a matter of course anyway as I like the feel/texture of washed quilts.  Although I wouldn’t wash a hanging for example, in this instance I would use the fabric as fits with my design, for example to increase the ‘weight’ of a fabric to match others I would use Vilene or something similar – but that is a whole other ball game.

So to starch or not to starch? (In your quilt projects)


8 thoughts on “Do You Starch?

  1. When I complete my block I use spray starch then. I use the heavy starch. I think it makes the block lay down and look better.

    • Carolyn. Thank you for taking the time out to reply to me. Do you wash the starch out once your quilt is complete?

  2. I like to use starch when things aren’t working out exactly like I wanted. Then I use it to starch my blocks into submission! I always wash the project once I complete it and that’s the end of the starch.

    • Thanks Sharon. It is really interesting to discover how other people use products and do things their own way. These things don’t seem to be mentioned very often in how to books or magazines, perhaps we are all supposed to just know about these tips and tricks. Once again thank you for taking the time to reply.

  3. If the fabric I’m using is very limp, I will ‘starch’ it before cutting. If I haven’t felt the need to treat the yardage, but the block won’t press down nice and flat, then I will ‘starch’ as I’m constructing the block. I use ‘starch’ in quotes as I no longer use starch, but Best Press Starch Alternative. This is a non-aerosol product that doesn’t clog or flake, smells great, and as far as I know doesn’t need to be washed out.

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