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The weather and the next project

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Wasn’t the weather in the UK glorious last weekend?  This weekend I am freezing, my hands are so cold I am trying to warm them up on the keyboard with the residue heat being emitted.  The heating is NOT going on until at least early November!  Even if the weatherman in the house’s predictions come true.  He  has been saying for months now that we will be having snow at the end of October beginning of November.  It must be my age that is making me suffer the cold more these days, I used to be one of those freaks who throws open the windows on any day, rain or shine to get some fresh air, I can’t do that now – too cold.  When I was working in offices I could never understand why the other ladies would really complain if there was a slightest crack of a window open, sadly now that is me. 

Right, Ok, I have had the rest now.  My shoulders were back to normal after the quilting session but I knocked the left one yesterday making me shout out loud but this morning it feels fine at the moment.  So to work!

During my forced rest, I have been making small items some of which I have posted here, and I have been busy designing more quilts.  Having set my self the task of producing one small quilt for charity a month, I think it is the ideal opportunity to test make some of these designs before embarking on a larger scale of the designs.  It also gives me the chance to check my construction notes before publication, which sometimes I think is forgotten.  I have had friends come to me in the recent past, asking me to check a pattern they are trying to follow only to find that it is not their abilities that are at fault but someone has not proof read or checked the construction notes, making it very difficult for someone else to make the design up.  I really hope I don’t ever fall into that pot (but sometimes my proof reading is not good!).

You will have to forgive me as I don’t have any photos of these designs yet but I can let you see the fabrics I intend to use for the trial/charity quilt.



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