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Getting Ready for the NEW School!

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We are very proud of our little chap for passing his 11 plus last November and getting into King Edward VI Camp Hill School for Boys in Kings Heath Birmingham, but I don’t know if the teachers realise what they are letting themselves in for.  I have included just a few pictures of DS trying his new uniform on, the sleeves on his blazer look like they could do with shortening.  As you can tell butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth (much).

butter won't melt 1

butter won't melt 2butter won't melt 3butter won't melt 4

Seriously though, he can’t wait, all those new sports to try, musical instruments to play, things to learn and best of all for him anyway is the school is just down the road from the cricket equipment shop he goes to.  For me it will be worry, worry, worry until he gets home as he has to go on the bus on his own.  It’s a long time to not know whether he got there safely or not, from 7:45 until he gets in at about 4:00 pm or later if he has an after school club.  I know he’ll be ok, it’s mum thing.


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