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DD’s Quilt is FINISHED

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Hurray, DD’s quilt is finished!  Actually it has been finished for several days and it has now also been washed to give it that worn crinkly effect I like.  It proved to be more hard work than I anticipated as my hands and shoulders were in pain.  I have been banned by DH from doing anything crafty for a few weeks to try to make them better but I think it’s a sign of age, sadly.  I am so bored I might, and I stress the might, have to do some cleaning!  On second thoughts, no.  When DH is out what he doesn’t know won’t hurt him.

I am happy with DD’s quilt although you mustn’t look too closely at the quilting.  She hasn’t seen it yet as she is still working out in France but she comes home this coming Saturday, Yippee, can’t wait.  Then a week later returns to Cambridge to start her second year at university there.  I do miss her.

DD's quilt front


DD's quilt quiltingDD's quilt quilting 2


DD's quilt back

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