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Mug Rugs

I haven’t been idle these past few days, sadly I have had to do some cleaning!  I have managed to clear a whole load of Cloth, Paper, Scissors and Quilting Arts, Selvedge, Fabrications and Stitch magazines, along with several copies of British Patchwork and Quilting. I have rearranged my book shelves and discovered that I have two copies of one or two books (they’ll make someone nice Christmas presents).  The charity shop is due to have a visit so I can off load some unused toys, out grown clothes and shoes from the DD’s collection (I do have permission).

Below are just three of the mug rugs I have made over the last few days ready for Myton Hospice a charity in Warwick which looked after my step father during his last few weeks.  I hope to make them several things in the very near future.

mug rug 1mug rug 2mug rug 3

The last one I hand stitched as I find the process very relaxing and use it as stress relief, just sitting quietly hand sewing.  As you can tell they all need quilting and binding before they are finished but that is for tomorrow or next week, I have nine to do all together, all very similar.

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Christmas Quilt Along

If you click on the link to the right for Quilting Gallery you can find a Christmas Quilt along – I don’t know whether I will be taking part as I have so many other things on the go at the moment I might not have the time to do it justice but thought I would pass on the link for those of you who may like to have a go.  Good Luck.

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I have finished 4 out of 8 bags for DD to take back to university with her.  She can sell them to make a bit of pocket money to put towards the cost of supplies she will need during the year – making art isn’t cheap after all.

They are all made from the backgrounds I made earlier this summer, out of leftovers from other quilts, pieces of batting and more leftovers for the backs.

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DD’s Quilt is FINISHED

Hurray, DD’s quilt is finished!  Actually it has been finished for several days and it has now also been washed to give it that worn crinkly effect I like.  It proved to be more hard work than I anticipated as my hands and shoulders were in pain.  I have been banned by DH from doing anything crafty for a few weeks to try to make them better but I think it’s a sign of age, sadly.  I am so bored I might, and I stress the might, have to do some cleaning!  On second thoughts, no.  When DH is out what he doesn’t know won’t hurt him.

I am happy with DD’s quilt although you mustn’t look too closely at the quilting.  She hasn’t seen it yet as she is still working out in France but she comes home this coming Saturday, Yippee, can’t wait.  Then a week later returns to Cambridge to start her second year at university there.  I do miss her.

DD's quilt front


DD's quilt quiltingDD's quilt quilting 2


DD's quilt back

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Getting Ready for the NEW School!

We are very proud of our little chap for passing his 11 plus last November and getting into King Edward VI Camp Hill School for Boys in Kings Heath Birmingham, but I don’t know if the teachers realise what they are letting themselves in for.  I have included just a few pictures of DS trying his new uniform on, the sleeves on his blazer look like they could do with shortening.  As you can tell butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth (much).

butter won't melt 1

butter won't melt 2butter won't melt 3butter won't melt 4

Seriously though, he can’t wait, all those new sports to try, musical instruments to play, things to learn and best of all for him anyway is the school is just down the road from the cricket equipment shop he goes to.  For me it will be worry, worry, worry until he gets home as he has to go on the bus on his own.  It’s a long time to not know whether he got there safely or not, from 7:45 until he gets in at about 4:00 pm or later if he has an after school club.  I know he’ll be ok, it’s mum thing.