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Moving the design forward.


                                  Which way is up?


I have now worked on my dragon design from below but I am not sure which way is up!  I think this one has to be quite large maybe about 48” by 36”, plus the borders into which I will continue some of the centre design.

I have also been working on pin wheel designs.


I like the last two the most and will continue to work with these, again I will take the design out into the borders with a size of 30” square plus borders.

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New Designs In Progress

I thought I would update you on what I have been up to since returning from holiday, apart from the washing and ironing of course.

I am thinking I might make this into a quilt measuring about 40″ by 30″, to hang on the wall in the lounge of our house, as we have a large empty, blank wall.  The colour way has yet to be determined, but I am thinking purples through reds and oranges to yellow, possibly, I still need to play – it could end up a completely different colour scheme.  It also depends on DH and his thoughts on what colour/s we will be using when we decorate this room.

Another area I am experimenting with is a square design based on the basic pinwheel.

Again I have not thought of colours yet but that will come at some point.  I might have to look to nature again for inspiration, we’ll see.

I also have to prep for the two workshops I am taking at this years Festival of Quilts at the NEC in Birmingham in a couple of weeks.  I am  taking Digital Imagery in Stitched Textiles with Sandra Meech on Friday 12th and Colour in Design with Kaffe Fassett and Brandon Mably the following day.  Perhaps the colours for the above design will make itself known during this workshop.

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We’re Back

Having booked a very last minute holiday to see our daughter who is working out in the Vendee in France I didn’t have time to post  a note nor did I take my computer with me so no means of keeping in touch, which was great!

It was lovely to see Nicola.  She had been going a bit stir crazy as she hasn’t any transport so is unable to go any further than the local town centre which is literally 500 metres from the site she is working on.  La Rochelle takes over an hour and a half to get to by bus which is a pain when she doesn’t finish until 2 ish on her half days.  So whilst she had us around to ferry her to places we went to La Rochelle to the aquarium on the harbour front.  It is brilliant, we have one of the National Sea Life Centres in Birmingham but it had nothing on this aquarium.

We also ventured on to the Ile De Re going to the little town of Saint Martin, very picturesque but it rained.

Another evening we travelled north to Les Sables D’Olonne.

France is a strange place.  There are really lovely little villages which we travel through but it’s a bit like the twilight zone.  As there is never anyone about in these villages or small towns they all look deserted.  But on Bastille night the town of La Tranche was heaving, people where appearing like ants, thousands appearing on the sea front to watch the fireworks then all just disappearing again.  Where do they all go.  It was just the same in Les Sables D’olonne, no one in the suburbs, looks just like an American town seen in the Western films with tumbleweed rolling down the streets but get to the sea front/ town centre and there are thousands.

Well we had a lovely time, if you ever go to La Tranche Sur Mer be sure to seek out Matt from Bradford in his bar/restaurant, the food is fantastic and the drinks flow.

The trip home was horrid, the rain pelted down the sea was rocking and rolling delaying our return by an hour and lengthening the voyage by an hour and a half.  We are home now safe and well, the washing is done just the ironing to go.

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More works in progress from this week

Below are some more pieces I have been working on since last Friday.  Funny how I have achieved more since last Friday than I ever did when working through the City & Guilds in Patchwork and Quilting.  I wonder why that is?