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City & Guilds Patchwork and Quilting Wall Hanging Assessment: ITS FINISHED


I have finally finished the wall hanging.  I have quilted it, added beads and painted Bondaweb before adding the binding and hanging sleeve.

My daughter has suggested I try the design as a screen print, something she has promised to show me how to do over the summer.  I have always wanted to try screen printing but found it very daunting a bit like being faced with a large sheet of white paper and being told to draw something or starting a brand new sketchbook with bright white clean pages.


4 thoughts on “City & Guilds Patchwork and Quilting Wall Hanging Assessment: ITS FINISHED

  1. Well done for finishing!!! Yipee. Several element in this piece that you could explore and develop. Its very striking. I bought myself a screen for printing…. mhmmm don’t think it ever came out of the bag, where is it?

  2. Thanks Bev.
    I am glad it is out of the way I had been on it for so long, I started it well before Christmas, I lost all enthusiasm for it, finding the mojo again was difficult.
    I’ve had my screen printing kit for years and years and years – I’m sure the paint in the kit will have solidified in the pots by now.

    • Thank you very much Karen, for the next assessment I am thinking of using some of my manipulated photos which I have turned into fabric. I have to have this done by the end of May, so it won’t be very big, although the making doesn’t take long working through the design process seems to take me ages then choosing the final one is very difficult perhaps I need to make a series.

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