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I happened to be in Sainsbury’s this morning just as the front of store manager announced buy 1 get 2 free on Goodfellas pizza, as the boys wanted pizza for tea- a Thursday treat – I would have a look at this bargain.  Well it turned out to be better than I could have hoped for.  In their speed to get the promotion rolled out, the staff had not considered the way the shelves in the freezers where marked up, one ticket said 2 for £4 another said 1/2 price £1.24, and finally the biggest tag of all buy 1 get 2 free.  So I picked 6 pizzas (3 for the freezer, can’t miss a good bargain plus it meant I didn’t have to make them which I had told the boys I would), trotted off to the check out only to find that the Goodfellas thick crust pizzas where only coming up as £1.24 each, so I was not happy even though I had paid that price before I wanted the promotion.   The front of store manager duly came along explained the problem; the promotion is only on the thin crust pizzas not the loaded thick crust.    I did point out that the shelf tickets where very misleading and should be looked at.  As it was their mistake  I got my 6 pizzas for £2.48 – making them just over 41p each – bargain or what!  It’s not very often that I am in at the start to receive the best buys but hey great bargain. Thanks Sainsbury’s.


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