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City & Guilds Patchwork and Quilting Wall Hanging Assessment WIP

Below shows the wip for my wall hanging assessment.  Some of the design work I has already been posted here.  I have transferred the pattern on to freezer paper.  Using a craft knife I have cut the sections up but left small tags to keep it all together; these tags will be cut as I remove each section to work on it, once the section is completed it will be return to the space left by the freezer paper and appliqued into place.  When all the sections have been worked in this way I will mark up the scalloped edge and remove the freezer paper pattern.  The section outside the scalloped edge has to be discharged and recoloured this I intend to do once the other parts are attached and finished.  Well that’s the plan anyway, but all best laid plans…………Wall Hanging Pattern

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2 Works in Progress

I have now layered up the quilt for Matthew’s 21st birthday present, it is ready for quilting.

My current knitting project is for me, a 3/4 sleeve bobbly cardigan, I wanted a challenge but after completing just a couple of rows of the pattern I am finding it too easy, I’ll have to go back to drafting my own stitch patterns again to make them more of a challenge.

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Sewing Box

Whilst in Primrose Hill we had a look around several other shops.  Plenty of places to eat and interior shops a deli, a sweet /chocolate shop, a shoe shop but only one food shop other than the deli.  I had hoped for more independent  food type places.  We did visit one interior shop which enticed us in with the display of textiles.  I came away with a little sewing box which I am going to use for my drawing pens and other drawing equipment, not sewing at all but hey thats me.

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Mary’s Living and Giving Shop, Primrose Hill, London

Mary Portas has two living and giving shops in London one in Nottinghill the other over the road from the Museum of Everything; so on our visit to the museum yesterday we enjoyed a trip to Mary’s shop.  My daughter bought 2 glasses and a bracelet and I purchased a tea set.  The quality in the shop was far superior to any other charity shop I have ever been into.  The fitting room was a step into Narnia as it is made from a wardrobe, all added to the enjoyment.

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Museum of Everything, Primrose Hill, London

Yesterday was our usual February sojourn to London.  This trip saw us in Primrose Hill to visit, primarily, the Museum of Everything; which up until 11th February is hosting their 3rd exhibition which includes items from Potters taxidermy tableaus, not really my cup of tea as I find them very creepy to the point where they would give me nightmares.  Needless to say we didn’t stay long but the art space was interesting and it was surprisingly busy.  Many people seemed to be just enjoying the atmosphere along with a cup of tea in the cafe.  Would I go to another exhibition here?  Yes I would and it was worth the trek down from Birmingham. It is a shame we don’t have a space like this that doesn’t cost an earth and could attract a major name like Sir Peter Blake.

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Bargain of the day

I happened to be in Sainsbury’s this morning just as the front of store manager announced buy 1 get 2 free on Goodfellas pizza, as the boys wanted pizza for tea- a Thursday treat – I would have a look at this bargain.  Well it turned out to be better than I could have hoped for.  In their speed to get the promotion rolled out, the staff had not considered the way the shelves in the freezers where marked up, one ticket said 2 for £4 another said 1/2 price £1.24, and finally the biggest tag of all buy 1 get 2 free.  So I picked 6 pizzas (3 for the freezer, can’t miss a good bargain plus it meant I didn’t have to make them which I had told the boys I would), trotted off to the check out only to find that the Goodfellas thick crust pizzas where only coming up as £1.24 each, so I was not happy even though I had paid that price before I wanted the promotion.   The front of store manager duly came along explained the problem; the promotion is only on the thin crust pizzas not the loaded thick crust.    I did point out that the shelf tickets where very misleading and should be looked at.  As it was their mistake  I got my 6 pizzas for £2.48 – making them just over 41p each – bargain or what!  It’s not very often that I am in at the start to receive the best buys but hey great bargain. Thanks Sainsbury’s.

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City & Guilds Patchwork and Quilting

Below are some images of the research and design work for the wall hanging assessment towards my City & Guilds qualification.  I am still refining the design but it will measure approximately 16″ by 22″