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Things to be done this year and those I would like to do!

I have decided to take part in 2011 Journal Quilt Challenge set by the Contemporary Quilt Special Interest Group of the Quilters’ Guild of the British Isles.  This is something I have never done before, I have to commit to making a 10″ square quilt a month for the next 12 months starting in February.  The challenge has been split into three parts with each part having a different element that has to be included within the quilt – the first element is circle.  I won’t say ‘that should be easy’ as I know this will come back to bite me, we’ll just see how I go.

Along with that decision I have to finish my C&G in Patchwork and Quilting by May at the latest as my registration runs out then and cannot be renewed.  I have taken so long doing this course as life in general has been a bit of a pig over the last few years but that’s the past.  I only have the wall hanging and the quilt to do along with the associated work, although the wall hanging is well on its way (I say that with my fingers crossed behind my back!) I do have an idea for the quilt which I will for now keep under my hat.

I would also like to make mantle runners, tables runners and placemats for each of the seasons and I also need to replace my christmas set as it is falling apart having been well used over the years.

I have to finish a quilt for my daughters’ boyfriend’s 21st birthday, he has been nagging me for one since she went to Cambridge taking hers with her.  He wanted to keep hers but as it depicts fairies he changed his mind and she wasn’t having any of it.  This has to be done by the middle of February.

Both my sons need new quilts, one of which is under way, the other is still in my head. My daughter could do with a new one as she is a bit old for fairies now, I do have the fabric but not the idea yet!

I have promised myself that I will use up all my beads, silk waste, embroidery bits stash, in embroideries over the year with the hope of selling them to raise funds for a new stash.  I also have to set up an Ebay selling account to sell some of my magazines as I need the shelf space.  I have lots of Quilting Arts magazines and all the cloth,paper,scissors magazines since the first issue.  I am seriously considering selling my considerable library of art books too.

I am considering entering some competitions this year too, perhaps one at the Festival of Quilts and one of those run by Grosvenor.

But first of all the Wall hanging has to be done, I need to get the samples and design work to my tutor by the end of January at the very latest.

So to work.


Welcome to 2011 – May it be very creative

Happy New Year.  Yes I know I am a couple of weeks late and several months behind in my posts – life has a habit of creeping up on me, so this year with that in mind I have decided to get things done as I am usually the goddess of the last minute.  Sadly I have passed this on to my daughter, she stands no chance really as her dad is the god of the last minute -poor girl.

We had a fun but quiet Christmas if that isn’t a contradiction in terms.  We usually try to do something different for Christmas Day, this year it was spread over 3 days, starting on Christmas Eve with a night out at out favourite curry house, surprizingly we were the only ones still in there at 9pm.  We did get invited to a muslim wedding the next day and were very tempted, sadly we decline the invite as it would have upset our plans.

Christmas Eve finished off with the traditional visit by husband dearest and our three children to midnight mass, whilst I stayed at home to welcome the man in the red suit with mince pies and a glass of something warming to savour whilst we discussed his bill and I paid it!

We are always woken by our youngest son, this year it was later than before as he is growing up and likes his sleep a bit more.  The excitement is tangible, giggles and the sound of ripping paper can be heard all over the house.  Breakfast is never a problem any other day in the year but Christmas morning the children never seem to want to eat – they bounce in their seats whilst eating a really strange sight to witness.  This year they had been warned that the expectations may not be realised but they still had piles of gifts.  (I had wrapped things individually rather than just the outer boxes this year to make it look like they had more).

Christmas lunch was interesting – we had a barbeque in the snow.  This is the first year in a long, long time that we have had snow at Christmas in our part of the world, so the Christmas card scenes matched the actual weather.  Husband dearest was, as always, in charge of the cave man bit i.e. cooking the food, we all stood in the cold to support him and sang, no that should be massacred a few Christmas carols.  I had suggested a blanket laid on the snow to sit and eat but was quickly shouted down so we all returned in doors to eat.  The rest of the afternoon was spent playing with assorted gifts, reading books etc before the inevitable happened and the TV was switched on!

Boxing Day was more like a traditional Christmas Day, without the stress as the roast lunch could happen when it happened, rather than being a a strict timetable, so much more civilised.

New Year was spent in Dover with our friends and our daughters boyfriends parents.  We had a plentiful supply of both food and drink.  We enjoyed fireworks whilst listening to bagpipes played excellently by the boyfriend, we watched chinese lanterns float over the sky towards France, when some bright spark suggested they could make quite good delivery mechanisms of the non destructive, non violent, variety, by carrying effluent which would then be dropped when the flame had died – lovely!  Mess right on your head yukk.

The festive period sadly ended, as I had thoroughly enjoyed it for the first time this year for a very long time, when our daughter was taken back to Cambridge for the start of her next term at university, our youngest son returned to school and our eldest went back to work after a month at home, (he had saved all his holiday up so he could have the time off to watch the cricket Ashes in Australia).  And husband dearest actually left the house to work rather than working everyday over Christmas and New Year from our bedroom/his office.