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Why do migraines happen?

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I have had a migraine since Tuesday.  Well that is not strictly true I had the first symptoms on Tuesday afternoon/evening, then was woken in the middle of the night by this sever pain in my head, across my neck around my shoulders and down my back, I couldn’t move.  I must have passed back out as I can only remember the pain.  I woke on Wednesday to the most awful hangover effect I have ever had without the alcohol.  Then the headache made itself known – bang, bang, bang! I couldn’t talk, I couldn’t see straight, I was dizzy and it felt like I was dribbling, slowly these symptoms lessened all that is accept the headache, the tablets didn’t touch it.  Thursday’s headache was just as bad, over my right eye and ear, and I had this foggy all around me for most of the day.  Friday was just the headache which was in the back ground all day but would on occasion shoot out to remind me of its presence.  Saturday the fog was hanging around, the headache surfaced in the afternoon, although my head hadn’t been ‘right’ all day, I was feel sick and therefore couldn’t eat anything, I just slept in the chair like a decrepit old woman.  Today is better but it could go either way, I still have a fog over my right ear and a nagging sensation over my eyes but we are getting there.

What makes this headache/migraine special, in the stand out type of way, is that I haven’t had one as sever as this for years.  I know I have a lot to do this weekend but that is nothing more than usual just different things this time.  I really hope this doesn’t happen again for years and years.

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